Become Self-Sufficient

In a later stage, you may want to take on more responsibilities and stand on your own. This is awesome but, rather than start here, go here after you have a self-sustaining program. Let us help guide you towards the process of becoming self-sufficient.​

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Self-sufficiency ≠ maximum value

Maximizing program value and becoming self-sufficient are different strategies. Too many organizations assume they are better off performing the work in house to save money. This approach misses the opportunity cost of delaying value from quick high ROI  projects. It assumes management is content to be net upside-down in program funding while you learn.

Timeline to scale

One manufacturer trained a smart developer. He tried to automate shipping revenue recognition – valuable automation to be certain. While logical, his design and configuration choices complicated his work. He couldn’t finish it despite months of effort. We got the automation running quickly, preventing credibility damage to the young program.

They lost six months of value, equating to negative 400% ROI for the decision to build versus buy. The program was a net profit drain and looked like a costly distraction to leadership. In contrast, an expert partner would have made this project look effortless. They also could have delivered many automations at once to create a self-sustaining program.

Enable yourself

As program leader, there are three critical things to get right:

  1. Backlog. Your automation candidate list for making the investment case and setting management expectations. It is the oil that keeps the program engine running.
  2. Robot-way. This design approach results in better, more resilient and valuable automations. It helps you assemble fragments into high-value automations.
  3. Operating model (also known as ROM). How you run your program and interact with the rest of your business and external partners. Your operating model must align with your current situation and scale with you. Too much too soon is a costly distraction for you and your sponsors.

Each of these plus supporting your team are challenges that we address. Backstop is a long-running service. We get to know you and your business so that we can give fast informed answers tailored to your needs. Backstop helps you keep delivering more value at a steady pace.

Enable your team

You depend on the expertise of your team from backlog to production. Investments in ongoing training and mentorship must be budgeted and implemented.

Every new developer needs leading practices mentoring and support during their first automations. Our training and mentoring builds confidence and creates productive contributors in your team. For developers, we offer Co-pilot support and developer helpers for the commonly required functionality.

Enable your robot workforce

Intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) programs run on costly software and infrastructure. By now, you have the enterprise-scale infrastructure to avoid inexplicable failures. If not, we can help. Most infrastructure needs updates after the first year.

We help manage your platform license commitments, preferably as your reseller.  Generally, robots use subscription-basis licenses discounted for term, quantity and multi-year prepayment. Having too many unused robots creates unnecessary licensing and infrastructure expenses.

For the best pricing, you should opt for a three or five-year term and select a quantity that is at the beginning of a pricing tier. You then set a delivery (or drawdown ) schedule that is conservative for each year. For example, if a discount starts at the 11th robot, then on a five-year term, you agree to 3-4-5-5-11 robots in years one to five. If you find you need more robots later, you add more robots to your order or speed up later deliveries. If your salesperson isn’t reviewing these buying options, you should work with us.

Recapping how we deliver results

NeedWonderBotz services and products
Enable yourself·  Backlog Discovery
·  Backstop
Enable your team·  Co-pilot developers
·  WonderBotz reusable code
·  Training to address role gaps
·  Backstop
Enable your robot workforce·  Software licensing and renewals
·  Infrastructure services