RPA 175: Solution Architect

Blue Prism Authorized Trainer
Equips accredited Blue Prism developers to conceive solutions adhering to best of breed principles between human-way and robot-way for higher quality and greater resiliency.
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  • Accredited Blue Prism developers
  • Experienced Blue Prism developers


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  • ​​Content: Instruction, discussions and exercises to cover key RPA tools and techniques.

  • Delivery: Instructor-led in classroom setting​. Slef-paced in development, please call for more information.

  • Duration: 2 days. Please use the lead form on this page to get more details.

​Key stats 

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  • ​​RPA101 and RPA102 (or equivalent)
  • Accredited Blue Prism developer


​​New students only: Upon receipt of your paid order, you will be sent a form to provide additional information and qualifications to take the class. You will be contacted and interviewed by a WonderBotz trainer who will confirm your eligibility and acceptance to the class.

WonderBotz reserves the right to deny admittance and refund training fees at any time for any reason.