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An experienced Value Added Reseller (VAR) understands the many RPA and IA tools on the market to help you make the best choice for your business needs.

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This is one industry where buying direct from the manufacturer does not mean getting the best deal. In RPA and Intelligent Automation Technology the best prices on robot licenses are often provided by RPA Resellers. We not only have access to exclusive discounts, but take the time to understand your current program, goals and scale story. We help you calculate the correct number of licenses you need to maximize your investment.

Being a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we can bundle your robot licenses with the professional services and infrastructure needed to further reduce your total cost of ownership and make your Intelligent Automation program a success.

As a partner who works with multiple Intelligent Automation Platforms a WonderBotz Automation expert is able to recommend the product or technologies best suited to your specific business case.

What RPA platforms does WonderBotz sell?

WonderBotz has earned preferred partner status with each of the major Intelligent Automation Platforms: Automation Anywhere, SS&C Blue Prism, and UiPath.

Intelligent Automation Orchestration and Infrastructure

Intelligent automation programs can be hosted in on-premise servers or on the cloud. On-prem automation programs may still be required for some highly regulated industries, such as government or public sector organizations. For most organizations, secure private cloud infrastructure provides the flexibility to upgrade, update, and scale their Automation programs more easily.

WonderBotz’s secure ARIA Cloud allows for central management of:

  • All your Robot Licenses – from one or many platforms
  • All of your Automations
  • Integration of emerging technology from any provider
  • Free trials of new technology to see how it integrates with your existing tool kit

For clients who want to simplify their hosting and RPA Infrastructure even further we offer RPA as a Service. We manage all of the IT heavy lifting so you can focus on building new automations to deliver value in your organization. With ARIA Cloud included in this powerful software package you can maximize your robot utilization getting more work done with fewer licenses.

If you need a review of your RPA infrastructure or are setting up a new program a WonderBotz Automation Expert can advise you on the best structure for your needs with RPA Infrastructure Services.

Additional Intelligent Automation Tools

There are many IA options on the market, including the explosion of GenAI technology. It can be hard to know which tools offer the exact features you want, and which integrate well with your existing code.

As an RPA Reseller, WonderBotz has the freedom to recommend tools from many technology provider and the experience to create a perfect fit for your business use case and budget.

Getting Started with WonderBotz as your Value Added Reseller

Welcome to WonderBotz, your Intelligent Automation partner. We are committed to increasing business efficiency, company morale, and innovation through the use of automation. Automating repetitive computer-based tasks frees your human staff to be more creative, take better care of your customers, and get more done.

We work with the best in brand software solutions to bring you the latest technologies on the market. Our team of RPA developers, Software architects, and business consultants are standing by to provide any help you need to make your Automation goals a reality. Whether you choose to purchase RPA tools one at a time or build out your full Automation CoE, we can find the right solutions to fit your specific business needs.

Our newest offering simplifies the RPA process by creating an all-in-one Managed Service. Based on your business needs we can build you the perfect RPA Tool Kit. With consumption-based pricing (pay for only what you use) we can finally make top-of-the-line RPA tools available to organizations of all sizes.

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