RPA Testing as a Service

Decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your RPA program by replacing manual testing of your Intelligent automations and corresponding applications with RPA Testing as a Service.
There are many considerations when testing your RPA program, custom applications, and API system integrations. Thoroughly testing your automations before they go into production is vital to smooth implementations encouraging a new operating model. Moving to fully automated testing of your automations and custom applications speeds up the production cycles dramatically. The goal of automation was to eliminate repetitive work, let us help you accelerate the inevitable manual work of the testing process.

System updates, password changes, software upgrades, new exceptions, and other hiccups can cause automations and API pulls to break after they are deployed. Continuous testing is required to make sure your robots keep working.

Why Organizations Choose RPA Testing as a Service

With RPA Testing as a Service, we take on the work of vetting your automations and making sure they run smoothly. Throughout this process, our experts are also able to identify and deploy remediation as required for optimal performance.

Who is RPA Testing as a Service right for? 

An objective system-wide test of your code base is good practice every 3-5 years for all organizations.

It is also important for those who are: 

  • Still performing much of their RPA and application testing manually. 
  • Scaling their RPA program with AI for example and wanting to be sure their automations can handle the new throughput. 
  • Preparing for a platform or infrastructure upgrade such as a cloud migration. 
  • Experiencing business interruptions and production slowdowns due to frequent bot breaks.

How It Works

Take the weight off your Internal IT team by working with a member of our WonderBotz RPA Testing team. Slow testing cycles are one of the major reasons for delays in deployment of new automations or company apps.  It can be the difference between an on-time delivery and delayed production outputs.

We will design the test cases for new automations, employing Test Bots to do the heavy lifting. They will execute the regression testing in a secure QA environment. For our RPA as a Service clients we set up the testing environment for you.

Our team will review existing automations and apps to ensure that all of your code is optimized. We will make sure industry best practices are followed, code is reusable, and that processes are being performed the robot way. Not to mention, all development efforts should be repurposed for future builds. By having experts test prior to deployment, a more efficient automation pipeline will begin to emerge.

Let our team turn your software robots into WonderBotz!
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Benefits of RPA Testing as a Service

Resilient Robots

Test new automations on more variations than could be discovered manually.

Increase ROI

Lower automation maintenance costs increase long-term ROI.

Secure your Code Base

Ensure industry best practices are followed, proper governance is in place, and all of your automations work together.

Employ Test Robots

Your testing can be performed by Test robots, keeping costs low and accuracy high.

Minimize Robot Downtime

Reduce business disruption due to broken robots.

Prepare for Scale

Get ready to add new automations and confirm your older code is compatible with new technologies, like AI and OCR.

Licensing for RPA Testing as a Service

Licensing for RPA Testing as a Service can be delivered as a per-project or ongoing license structure.

Together we will assess how many automations are in scope and assess the time it will take to test and deploy. Our team can outline a continuous testing plan to begin after the initial review.

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