RPA as a Service

Bringing old-school managed service concepts to new-school technology stacks 

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When does RPA as a Service make Sense?

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What an RPA as a Service Package might look like

Each package will be customized to your company’s specific automation goals. We will focus on the capabilities you need now, and make it easy to add more as you scale

  • Platform Flexibility

    ARIA Cloud integrates your UiPath Toolkit with legacy systems, net technologies, and multi vendor strategies.

  • Hosting and Infrastructure

    We manage all the IT heavy lifting with Secure cloud hosting and RPA infrastructure.

  • Expert support

    Get the launch phase help you need to configure, develop, and manage your RPA program.

  • Surge Capacity

    Get the extra robot capacity you need to process volume spikes, and pay for only for the overtime hours you use.

  • Included Boosts

    Our powerful connector ETL Essentials, and a Free UiPath Automation Hub come with every package.

  • Optional Add-ons

    For even more speed to value add WonderBotz Prebuilt finance and accounting automatons.

Are you ready to turn your digital workforce into WonderBotz?

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Words from the CEO

WonderBotz has reimagined the delivery & operating model for RPA and the adjacent technologies that make automation “Intelligent”

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