What is procure-to-pay? 

Procure-to-pay (P2P) is an accounting process that manages orders and payments to approved suppliers. The activities that make up the procure-to-pay process range from identifying the initial need for procurement of goods or services, to the final steps of approving invoices and paying suppliers. 


Why is it important to business?

With a combination of technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and APIs, companies can eliminate manual processes by more than 70%. This would free up staff for higher value-adding tasks, improve KPIs, enhance cash flow and make processes faster, cheaper, and more accurate. 

The procure-to-pay challenges are many: 

  • Many suppliers and invoices each require review and handling 
  • Accurate and timely remittance 
  • Bad actors 
  • Accurate supplier information 
Our solutions complement your existing P2P systems, automate remaining manual work, and help manage exceptions. Our solution can help you with supplier onboarding and update, invoice coding and registration, accurate and timely remittance, one view of supplier and much more. Here is a solution set that could get you started: 

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