Rahul Khatti, age 17, becomes world’s youngest accredited Blue Prism developer

WonderBotz LLP, Nevada, is proud to announce the youngest accredited Blue Prism developer. With exposure to coding in object-oriented languages and designing workflows, 17-year-old Rahul Khatti, a senior at South Brunswick High School in New Jersey, successfully passed the Blue Prism Developer Exam after completing WonderBotz’s two-week robotics process automation (RPA) boot camp.

“RPA kind of found me,” Khatti explained, “I studied Java and Python in school where we worked on teams for final projects.  I wanted to learn more programming languages but know that each will come with a new syntax.  That’s when I found Blue Prism, it leverages my understanding of how object-oriented languages work while maximizing the value of workflows without having to deal with new syntax.”

Khatti attended WonderBotz’s August cohort for new Blue Prism developers.  The boot camp features instructors who are experienced Blue Prism accredited developers and professional developers that facilitated solution design and configuration reviews and introduced advanced real-world proven techniques. Khatti was a sponge and produced automations that were lean, resilient, and scalable for production.

“You need to encourage curiosity, raw talent and we were delighted to award him this opportunity tuition free,” Bhavyesh Virani, WonderBotz founder and managing partner explained. “We have a thorough vetting process with all trainees to assess if they can meet the course demands and have enough qualifying years of experience.  In this case, we made an exception on experience in order to test this new channel focused on helping individuals achieve their learning goals.”

On September 1, 2017, the last day of the boot camp, Khatti was one of many trainees that took and passed the Blue Prism accredited developer exam. Virani added, “It is clear that we made the right decision. Equipped with our enhanced curriculum, industry-tested configuration know-how, and many development scenarios, it is no surprise Rahul passed [the exam] having seen firsthand his dedication and maturity during the boot camp.”

WonderBotz LLC is a pure-play RPA firm focused on professional services, training and mentoring, and Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS). Recently selected by HfS Research to participate as a leading industry stakeholder at the Future or Operations in the Robotic Age (FORA) Council, WonderBotz is launching a global online training platform in Fall 2017 and working with local Nevada universities to bring RPA career opportunities to students.

Imad Olmos is Vice President at WonderBotz LLC, a pure-play RPA firm.  As a data enthusiast, systems-thinker, and life-long learner of best practices and lessons learned – he combines his skills to structure training and mentoring solutions for individuals, groups, and organizations to help them move forward on their RPA journey.