GENIE – GENerating Insights for Execution 

An AI-powered process discovery platform 

Obtain an unbiased, fact-based view of how processes are executed.

GENIE automatically captures all user activity and utilizes one-of-a-kind AI to create process flows and actionable insights.

While other tools rely extensively on application logs and user workshops to provide value, GENIE requires minimal user interference to derive its full value.

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Why do organizations choose GENIE?

Legacy process mining and intelligence tools generate an incomplete view of what’s happening in an organization due to their overreliance on mining logs. They are unable to show cross-departmental and cross-unit work performed outside of log generating systems, GENIE creates an end-to-end view of targeted functions through the comprehensive capture of all user activity, supplemented with event logs.


GENIE also leverages the complete activity data set to generate granular metrics on cost and duration of processes, employee occupancy, and more in order to enable informed leadership decision making. Through GENIE, organizations can adopt a fact-based approach to improving processes, implementing automations, and enabling employees to perform their best.

Platform Overview

A glimpse at the platform

Activity Capture and Core KPIs

  • Capture user activity to power core KPIs and the additional accelerators offered for GENIE
  • Understand how as-is processes are performed, evaluate the cost/duration required to complete those processes, and identify high-value opportunities for process automation and improvement
  • Start to understand how your organization performs its work with minimal BA involvement and process disruption

Process Improvement 

  • Generate a complete view of how work is performed across various departments under your purview
  • Eliminate redundant steps and reduce variances to improve process efficiency 
  • Enhance the captured user activity with application logs to create end-to-end views of how work is performed and where efficiencies can be targeted

Automation Benefits 

  • Create a living pipeline of high-value automation opportunities to continue driving enhancements across the organization
  • Evaluate the benefit of a set of implemented automations through the lens of cost, duration, and number of variants  
  • Generate SOP documentation, including PDDs and automation wireframes
  • Build an automation object library for each application to dramatically increase speed-to-development and roll-out of new automations

Employee Enablement

  • Generate a productivity report for individual employees detailing their recent activity, executed processes, and any breaks in their work from the SOP
  • Watch a live display of employee activity and observe when events, tasks, and processes are executed
  • Identify SMEs for each process and create enablement plans to strengthen each employee

Value for every leader

High-level leadership can understand how work is performed in their organization and what high-value opportunities for improvement or automation exist

  • Create a comprehensive data set of all events occurring in an organization's operations
  • Understand how effectively work is being performed across the organization
  • Identify current cost and time commitment required to perform processes

Operational owners can identify where to automate based on metrics generated by the AI, speed the development life cycle, and understand the benefit of those automations through a historical lens

  • Create a living pipeline for automation through evaluation of high-cost-low-complexity processes that have high automation value
  • Speed time-to-development by automatically generating process SOP documentation and object design instructions (ODI) that can be applied across processes for a given application
  • Evaluate the actual benefit of implemented automations and enhancements by comparing historical cost and duration of processes against the post-enhancement cost and duration

PI COEs can understand how work is performed across various workgroups and identify opportunities to streamline processes

  • Improve process workflows to reduce cycle time, cost, and instances of rework
  • Consolidate overlapping processes to reduce time spent performing similar steps

Team managers can evaluate whether processes are performed in line with established SOPs, view employee occupancy, and identify opportunities for training and mentorship

  • Obtain alerts when employees make material breaks from the SOP, and work needs to be revised or cancelled
  • Understand the time each employee spends working vs. idle with respect to other employees in similar roles
  • Identify and empower SMEs, and develop mentorship plans to improve the workforce internally

GENIE fits into your automation journey

New customers

Setting up GENIE and running a pilot is the perfect way to fully understand the value of potential automations and improvements. GENIE can collect all user activity for executed processes and create a living pipeline of automation opportunities, prioritized by a cross-function of the processes’ suitability for automation (low number of variants, limited complexity) and the cost required to complete the process. With GENIE, leaders do not need to guess where they should start their automation journey – they are given unbiased, fact-based insights that can guide them to the highest-value opportunities

Veteran automation users

Veteran automation users that are looking for new automation opportunities and want to understand the benefits of said opportunities can use GENIE to squeeze water out of a rock. Where other tools and techniques have trouble identifying value when obvious enhancements have been made, GENIE can continue to show the true value of different opportunities when compared against one another. Once automations are implemented, GENIE can show you how those enhancements have benefited the organization through true dollar and time-savings analysis. GENIE can also create a comprehensive object design instruction (ODI) document that can highly improve speed-to-development by generating automation objects for every application used across processes

Beyond RPA

For those with highly mature automation programs that want to evaluate how the organization is functioning once enhancements have been implemented, GENIE can provide the insight you are looking for. GENIE can show how work has changed now that automations have been implemented – where is new work being performed? Where is time being saved? How efficient are users with their time post-change? All of these questions can be answered be GENIE, allowing leadership to closely track functions around their organization and realize the true benefit of enhancements.