Prebuilt Solutions with embedded RPA

Our Prebuilt Solutions and bundles are proven and ready for rapid deployment out of the box. You get results fast, whether you are setting a foundation for RPA or expanding an existing program.


Customizable Solutions

No need for big “transformational” business process re-engineering (BPR) projects or massive master data management (MDM) efforts to get value. Our Prebuilt Solutions deliver outcomes for immediate value.

Licensing Options

We offer usage-based licenses including required third-party software like:

  • Perpetual licensing options
  • Subscription-based licensing options

Maintenance, including new releases and extended support, is available for an additional annual fee for perpetual licenses and is included in subscription-based licenses. Save on bundled solutions bought together.

Reusable code

WonderBotz has been building reusable, highly configurable code assets and frameworks since our inception. It’s part of our DNA as an organization and how we deliver speed-to-value and the highest quality.

Now, you can get these assets for use in your development.

View all developer assets

Installation is easy

We arrange for everything:

  • Assist in infrastructure provisioning, whether on-prem or your/our cloud
  • Install prebuilt solutions and third-party software on provisioned infrastructure
  • Assist in creating your organization’s business rules
  • Customize to your needs
  • Provide ongoing support