WonderBotz PowerPack

Accelerators, processing engines and design patterns

Reusable code is the promise that delivers speed and quality for future automations. The challenge is that it takes discipline, standards and quality in both design and development. Fortunately, this approach is a WonderBotz hallmark and has been our focus when working with clients over the years. The result is that we have built developer assets which are included in our Pre-built Solutions. Now, we’ve assembled them into our new WonderBotz PowerPack for use by outside developers.

The strength of the WonderBotz PowerPack is based upon the scale of what it delivers. For example, our major engines include, but are not limited to:

  • AI-wrappers that orchestrate AI for inclusion into automations
  • Field matching that find matching records based upon fuzzy rules
  • Data aggregation that combines large and diverse data sets into analytical resources
  • Data quality that corrects data values such as from OCR misreading a ‘W’ as two ‘Vs’ and other uses

We also have developer accelerators and kits that perform simple tasks such as:

  • Process framework that forms the backbone skeleton of an automation
  • Email helpers that send, receive, open, attach and detach files
  • Queue managers that upload, update and tag items in the robots work queue which are critical for long-running processes

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