Prebuilt RPA Solutions

Prebuilt RPA components ready for your program and environment

Our prebuilt solutions are ready to implement out-of-the-box. They are proven and ready for rapid deployment. You get results fast, whether you are setting a foundation for RPA or expanding an existing program. Using our proprietary code assets, our prebuilt solutions cover most use cases.

100% Customizable RPA Software & Deployment

No need for big “transformational” business process re-engineering (BPR) projects or massive master data management (MDM) efforts to get value. Our approach streamlines the process to deliver outcomes.

RPA can use applications the way a human does and is also software, so both the human-way and computer-way approaches are available to it. Our best-of-breed robot-way design approach sifts out activities that are only needed when humans perform the work, such as file prep, excel files, additional QA reviews.

Business rules to control how the robots perform their tasks. Even though the solutions are prebuilt, they are 100% customizable for your individual business needs. The business rules are managed by your business team outside of the solution code (i.e., no coding required). If you can use Excel, you can manage the business rules.

Our solutions run hands-free. Your team is done after the initial setup. And, because they include RPA, they are readily customizable for your unique organizational needs.

Reusable RPA Code & No Code RPA Solutions

If you have spoken with any RPA vendors or implementers, then know of the importance of creating reusable components in your automation. What they don’t explain is that adopting reusability takes discipline and expertise which equates to higher costs and elongated time to value. Ask yourself ‘is there a shortcut?’ and you’ll find the answer is a big YES when working with us.

At WonderBotz, we’ve invested to build reusable code including processing engines, design patterns, and developer helpers. Our reusable code underpins our prebuilt solutions and means that we’re mostly done with your custom solutions, leap-frogging you to immediate reusability benefits.

Here are three finance and accounting specific prebuilt products


ReportBotz+ is a best-in-class solution that generates management report consolidations consistently and quickly, ensuring reliable and auditable outputs. It gathers information from internal and external report platforms, takes data off the screen, reads text files and PDF, and runs SQL queries. It links the gathered data, and generates and packages insights performing calculations and validations, adding tags, populating Excel and PowerPoint and more. Lastly, it delivers outputs to authorized people, whether a full view or a customized view based upon the recipient. ReportBotz+ gives time back for analysis, speeds decision-making, and enables new reporting packages for valuable insights not presently available.


ReconBotz gathers and processes financial data, regardless of currency, for individual or groups with open unreconciled items and prepares a reconciling entry based upon preparer’s account-level specifications. If ReconBotz is unable to prepare an account reconciling entry, it delivers the gathered data to the designated preparer who either corrects the data at the source and resubmits the open unreconciled item to the automation or prepares the account reconciling entry using another method. All of the processing rules are externalized from the automation enabling it to serve all types of financial accounts.

Invoice Processing Automation InvoiceBotz

InvoiceBotz performs hands-free invoice receipt-through-registration. It can intake invoices through email, scanning station or EDI. It extracts invoice data using an OCR tool such as ABBYY, includes human-in-the-loop plus business rules for extraction quality. It applies GL codes, tagging, performs a quality review of the overall invoice data. Lastly, it loads the results into your accounts payable system and stores a PDF copy of the invoice.

RPA Licensing Options & Software

We offer usage-based licenses including the required third-party software:

  • Perpetual licensing options
  • Subscription-based licensing options

Maintenance, including new releases and extended support, is available for an additional annual fee for perpetual licenses and is included in subscription-based licenses. Save on bundled solutions bought together.

Full Custom RPA Deployment & Support Services

In part or in entirety, we can arrange for everything: