Accounting Automation Suite

Proven results. Ready-to-go. Unprecedented speed-to-value.

Nothing is faster than pre-built solutions that are ready to implement out-of-the-box. Using our proprietary code assets, our pre-built solutions deliver some of the most ideal and most demanded use cases for finance and accounting.

These solutions were built in the real world across multiple client environments and have been road tested and perfected in actual, intensive operations, so that they are ready for deployment.  You get results fast without delay, enabling immediate cost and efficiency benefits while setting a foundation for a broader RPA program going forward. And, because they are RPA automations, they are readily customizable for your unique organizational needs.

The WonderBotz Finance and Accounting Automation Suite

WonderBotz pre-built RPA solutions can deploy readily into your accounting and financial management operations. Our solutions cover three of the most labor-heavy areas in F&A: record-to-report, procure-to-pay and order-to-cash. Once deployed, these automations enable robots literally do the work for your teams, so you can free up knowledge workers, reduce errors, improve productivity and cut costs.


Automate reconciliations, report generation, and journal entries. Take lower-value work (often needed at peak load times) off the hands of your resources, enabling them to focus on higher-value activities. Here, our pre-built solutions include:  

Account ReconBotz

The Account ReconBotz automation gathers and processes data, regardless of currency, for each individual or group of financial accounts containing open unreconciled items and prepares an account reconciling entry pursuant to the organization’s account-level specifications. When ReconBotz is unable to prepare an account reconciling entry, it delivers the gathered data to the designated preparer who either corrects the data at the source and resubmits the open unreconciled item to the automation or prepares the account reconciling entry using another method. All of the processing rules are externalized from the automation enabling it to serve a wide variety of financial accounts.

ReportBotz (+EUC)

ReportBotz delivers information to authorized people, applications through and API and other robots on a predefined schedule or on-demand. It will run reports within your systems or capture data off of screens from on-premises or SaaS applications. Plus, with the end-user computing (EUC) module, the robot can enter and manipulate data in spreadsheets to ensure data lineage for financial reporting and reduce SOX audit requirements.


JournalBotz virtually eliminates the time-consuming, manual and error-prone, Excel-based process of creating and entering journals into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This solution retrieves data from multiple applications, appends with lookup values, performs required calculations, prepares and validates the entry, populates the entry into standardized templates, and uploads into your ERP system for approval.


Automate invoice receipt through registration, as well as remittance on approved invoices and vendor set-up. Take the heavy workload off of your accounts payable team so they can focus on exceptions. Here, our robot solutions include:  


InvoiceBotz performs the work for your AP team. It receives invoices through email or a scanning station, uses an OCR tool such as ABBYY for data extraction, uses our data quality engine to validate the extracted invoices data, performs 2 and 3-way matching and, finally, loads the results into your accounts payable system with a PDF copy of the invoice.


RemitBotz prepares bank payment instructions for approved invoices. It creates, validates and logs payment requests and issues payments instructions to banks and remittance advice to vendors. It includes exception rules to draw management attention to atypical vendor invoices.


VendorBotz sets up new vendors in your accounts payable system, including a means to gather required information from prospective vendors. It works with a variety of vendor entity types.


Use automation to improve order-to-cash processes to maximize revenue and cash flow. Here, our robot solutions include:


It’s great when clients pay their bills but sometimes they forget to include the invoice or PO number which creates a research burden for your AR team. DepositBotz matches bank and credit card deposits with missing data to invoices and posts to your accounts receivable system.


Sometimes customers challenge their credit card charges with the processor after receiving your services and paying you. CC-ChargebackBotz inspects dispute data from the credit card processor, evaluates whether its appropriate and manages the process of challenging the chargeback to keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

The RPA Suite can be implemented together or as sub-modules as needed.