Top 6 OCR and IDP Tools

Adding OCR and IDP technology dramatically reduces the time it takes to read and extract data from invoices, forms, and other documents.

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How are OCR and IDP used in Business Process Automation

OCR stands for Optical Character recognition. It is the ability of software robots to read printed or handwritten characters on documents. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) applies AI machine learning models that allow your digital workers to Read, Understand and Classify data from documents.

When these AI tools are combined with RPA – Robotic Process Automation, they create Intelligent Automation Solutions. These solutions can be created as custom automations built for unique business processes, or prebuilt solutions that employ reusable automation frameworks.


How we help organizations implement OCR and IDP Technology

  1. Providing the Technology
    • As a software reseller WonderBotz has experience with all the top OCR and IDP tools and can advise you on the best product for your use case.
    • Our modular prebuilt solution InvoiceBotz allows you to utilize the OCR tool of your choice and customize how your documents are processed by your automation program.
  2. Providing the Expertise

Implement OCR and IDP Technology

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The Best OCR and IDP Tools and their Use Cases

ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing Platform

ABBYY offers a range of OCR and IDP options. Train the ML model on your own documents or save time by purchasing pretrained models.

  • Vantage is the most advanced IDP tool with pretrained on HR, Insurance, Invoice skills.
  • FlexiCapture For Invoices has pretrained models for Invoice processing
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture can be trained by your team on your specific document types

Learn more about ABBYY products here

Automation Anywhere Document Automation

Reduce manual document handling with the Intelligent Document Processing on the Automation Anywhere Platform.

Users train the machine learning model to read documents the way your accounting team would. Once the model is trained it can extract the relevant data and pass it to your robots for processing. AI allows the reader to become more accurate and faster over time.

AWS Textract

AWS Textract applies machine learning to OCR to simplify the process of training the software to understand your documents.

Using their pretrained models Textract can extract text, handwriting, tables, and other data with no manual effort. Handing that data to your digital workers to action.


HyperScience is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool. It boasts “Best Handwriting Recognition Solution” award by AI Breakthrough Awards.

With a host of API integrations, it sends the extracted data back to your RPA platform of choice. It also integrates beautifully with InvoiceBotz to apply your business rules and log the extracted data in your system.

SS&C Blue Prism Document Automation

SS&C Blue Prism Document Automation specializes in reading handwritten structured forms. It extracts the field value and the response on scanned and paper documents in a fraction of the time it would take human office workers.

This OCR and IDP tool integrates seamlessly with your Blue Prism digital workers or through InvoiceBotz to your automation program.

UiPath Document Understanding OCR and IDP

UiPath Document Understanding is the native UiPath Platform tool for OCR and document Ingestion. It seamlessly delivers the next actions in document processing to your UiPath Robots.

Add UiPath AI Center to unlock the ability to understand more difficult documents like handwritten and unstructured forms. Machine learning capabilities allow your AI powered Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) automation to become more efficient over time.

Learn more about UiPath Document Understanding

WonderBotz Intelligent Document Processing Case Studies

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What is OCR?

OCR is Optical Character Recognition. This allows software to read scanned, blurry, or handwritten documents, by visually recognizing the characters.  It produces a clear transcript of the document. OCR can be combined with RPA to execute rule-based reactions to the text that is written.

What is IDP?

IDP is the acronym for Intelligent Document Processing. The cornerstone of any “Intelligent” process is that it contains some element of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

The AI reads the document and creates a confidence score of how well the document was understood. It can then extract, classify, and log the information. From here your RPA rules take over to hand the instructions to your digital workers to process the documents.

What is the difference between OCR and IDP?

The difference between OCR and IDR is the difference between reading and understanding a document. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) only “reads” a document and transcribes it, creating a text representation of the scanned image. OCR does not interpret any further information about what the document is about or the actual data points.

IDP, Intelligent Document Processing uses AI to “understand” the document fields and classify the information. Machine learning models are used to train the AI to get faster and more accurate the more documents it reads.