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Why do organizations choose UiPath Business Automation Platform?

UiPath is on a mission to Reboot work, allowing robots to free people from repetitive tasks, and saving companies thousands of hours of productivity each year. Innovating with new technology “AI at work” is opening up new use cases and speeding up every part of the development process.

AI and Automation are not just some of the tools in your toolbox. They are truly change enablers.
They allow you to innovate, adapt quicker, stay ahead of the curve, and dream bigger.
Rob Enslin – CEO, UiPath

Starting or scaling your RPA program requires the right tools and the right team. UiPath’s Intelligent Automation Platform offers a range of products to help you reach your automation goals, and the WonderBotz team is here to enable your success.

UiPath is an industry innovation leader, with more than 900+ Business Partners, 100+ Technology Partners, and 4 consecutive years on the Magic Quadrant for RPA by Gartner.  Their modular system allows your company to choose the pieces that fit your needs. Whether empowering your citizen developers with low-code digital assistants or building enterprise-wide AI-powered process automations, UiPath has the tools you need.

How It Works

UiPath defines its stages as Discover, Automate, and Operate. Choosing which processes to automate first is an art and a science.

Designing your automation strategy with scale in mind and right sizing your first project is one of the keys to building a self-sustaining automation program.

UiPath leans into their Implementation Partner network to assist customers in overcoming the hurdles that inevitably come with new technology implementations. WonderBotz is proud to be a Platinum Partner and a Value Added Reseller of UiPath licenses.

Uipath robot working with a business user for business process automation

Let us help you build your UiPath capabilities.

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A glimpse at the UiPath Intelligent Automaton Platform

  • Discover

    The most valuable automation programs begin when the right automaton candidates are chosen.

    UiPath’s Toolkit includes Process and Task mining. Their Automation Hub creates a centralized repository to review and prioritize those opportunities.

    For more help uncovering the most valuable automation candidates WonderBotz offers Automation Discovery as a Service.

  • Automate

    UiPath Studio allows you to design your automations and build your digital workforce.

    Add additional capabilities like AI Center and Document Understanding to train your robots to make better decisions and improve their processes over time.

    Get flexible help from our UiPath MVP developers with Backstop Support Services.

  • Operate

    Just like any other workforce, digital workers must have management and operational oversight, through UiPath Orchestrator.

    The UiPath Automation Ops manages governance for your digital workforce. You can view analytics about your automations through Insights.

Building your UiPath Software Toolkit

Working with a UiPath Partner, we can help design the right toolkit of automation licenses for your business needs. Partner packages are often (almost always) less expensive than purchasing licenses a la carte directly. We can help you avoid purchasing more licenses than you need by understanding how your program will scale over time, and offering consumption-based pricing through our RPA as a Service offering.

An Example of a UiPath Software Toolkit might look like this:

  • Automation Hub

    collect, prioritize and action your Automation Ideas.

  • UiPath Studio or StudioX

    where you build, test, and roll out your automations.

  • UiPath Orchestrator

    is where your UiPath Robots are managed and perform the automations that your company has built.

  • UiPath Robots

    offered in attended or unattended, these are your digital workers who execute your automations.

  • Boosts

    these are other functional areas you want your robots to handle. – AI Center, Document Processing, Process Mining, other custom automation upgrades.

How to start your Automation Journey with the
UiPath and WonderBotz

WonderBotz is pleased to be an Intelligent Automation solutions provider and a Platinum UiPath implementation partner.

Whether starting or scaling, implementing new technology systems can be tricky. Having the right team at the right time can be crucial to your success. To help WonderBotz offers RPA Professional Services, with different levels of help to create custom RPA solutions. From light consulting to borrowing one (or more) of our full-time developers.

For customers looking for maximum speed WonderBotz offers Finance and Accounting Prebuilt Solutions. Get your new digital workforce producing value in weeks with prebuilt marching orders that deliver outcomes fast.

Whatever your automation goals, we have the right size program to help you maximize your UiPath software investment

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Recommended UiPath Products


UiPath Orchestrator and Robots

UiPath Orchestrator is the office space for all types of UiPath Robots. It is where your human team can give them tasks, update priorities and see notifications on any problems the robots ran into.


Automation Hub

The UiPath Automation Hub is the central command center for your Automation CoE. This is where you manage your automation pipeline.

Engage with business users to collect, prioritize, and action automation ideas from all over your organization.

Find out how our clients get Automation Hub for free – Get a Quote


UiPath AI Center

The UiPath AI Center is where you can add ML models to your automations. Empowering your robots with AI allows them to take on more complex tasks and learn from your team’s guidance to get better over time.

Enhanced with GenAI capabilities UiPath AI Center is adding ChatGPT functionality to their AI decision making models.


Document Understanding

One of the most popular uses for UiPath AI Center is to augment UiPath Document Understanding. AI Robots can read, extract and process data from various types of documents streamlining your document intake process.

It is one of our favorite OCR and IDP tools.

UiPath Case Studies