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UiPath and WonderBotz

WonderBotz is proud to be a strategic Platinum Partner with UiPath. We have been recognized for our leadership in the automation developer community and our customer centricity as a UiPath premier Services Partner. We resell UiPath RPA Licenses at exclusive discounted prices because of our Platinum value-added reseller status.

For those looking to start out on the right foot, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), or alleviate IT and Infrastructure considerations, we also offer Automation as a Service.

For mature automation programs, we can host production support, upskill teams with our analyst-recognized training & enablement services, and help your program continuously add value. These three commercial models can help clients at any stage of their AI Automation maturity with any desired Center of Excellence support model.

Industry Leading Innovation

UiPath is an industry leader with more than 900 Business Partners, 100+ Technology Partners, and 5 consecutive years on the Magic Quadrant for RPA by Gartner. WonderBotz is one of 5 partners who have exclusivity on the commercial models mentioned above. The UiPath modular procurement process allows your company to choose the pieces that fit your needs. Whether empowering your citizen developers with low-code digital assistants or building enterprise-wide AI-powered process automations, UiPath has the tools you need.

Let us help you build your UiPath capabilities.

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A glimpse at the UiPath Intelligent Automaton Platform

  • Discover

    The most valuable automation programs happen when the right automaton candidates are chosen at inception and a pipeline is maintained for continuous build and deployment.

    UiPath’s Toolkit includes Process and Task mining. The Automation Hub creates a centralized repository to review and prioritize those opportunities.

    For more help uncovering the most valuable automation candidates, WonderBotz offers Automation Discovery as a Service.

  • Automate

    UiPath Studio allows you to design your automations and build your digital workforce.

    Add additional capabilities like AI Center and Document Understanding to train your robots to make better decisions and improve their throughput over time.

    Get flexible help from our UiPath MVP developers with Backstop Support Services.

  • Operate

    Just like any other workforce, digital workers must have management and operational oversight, through UiPath Orchestrator.

    The UiPath Automation Ops manages governance for your digital workforce. You can view analytics about your automations through Insights.

How to start your Automation Journey with UiPath and WonderBotz

As AI technology accelerates the capability, speed and adoption of automation technology, WonderBotz and UiPath are here to help your organization capitalize on these exciting leaps in productivity.

AI and Automation are not just some of the tools in your toolbox. They are truly change enablers.
They allow you to innovate, adapt quicker, stay ahead of the curve, and dream bigger.
UiPath CEO

Whether starting or scaling, implementing new technology can be tricky. Having the right team at the right time can be crucial to your success. To help facilitate these milestones, WonderBotz offers Expert Automation Services with different levels of engagement, from light consulting to borrowing one (or more) of our full-time developers.

To achieve maximum speed WonderBotz can augment your UiPath bundle with our award winning Finance and Accounting Prebuilt Solutions. Get your new digital workforce producing value in weeks with prebuilt marching orders that deliver outcomes fast.

Whatever your automation goals, we have the right size program to help you maximize your UiPath software investment.

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