UiPath Task Capture

By recording regular workflows in detail, UiPath Task Capture speeds up business process documentation. The auto-generated process maps will be readily available for RPA developer teams to start automating instantly.

UiPath Task Capture – Benefits

  • Business Process Mapping and Recording – Helps in building or recording comprehensive process diagrams with ease.
  • Editing Tool Kit – By facilitating to add descriptions, comments, annotations and to crop screenshots, highlight elements of significance, and blur sensitive information, the Tool kit is handy for the developer. It also helps to Overlay sequences, swim lanes, and shapes.
  • Shared Documentation – The features include to export as a Process Definition Document or JPEG to share across the business stakeholders, to export as a XAML file for use in UiPath Studio, to save and share documentation files and to collaborate and review with other process SMEs.
  • Accelerated Development – Process Definition Document or XAML files can be published directly to Automation Hub to speed up automation development efforts