UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding allows your UiPath Robots to read, extract and process data from various types of documents.

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UiPath Document understanding allows you to quickly process all kinds of fixed format documents with rules-based processes. You can also train your robots to be smarter with AI Capabilities, allowing them to read documents of varying formats. AI Robots can even understand difficult documents, like handwriting, PDFs, Images, or skewed scanned documents.

Why Organizations Choose UiPath Document Processing

Processing documents by hand is time consuming and prone to human error. Outsourcing your document processing to smart AI robots removes tedious work from your human staff and executes the same task faster and often more accurately.

How It Works

What is UiPath Document Understanding?

UiPath Document Understanding is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology. Employing the pre-trained ML model, your smart robots come with the experience of having read thousands of documents. If they run into any trouble reading your documents, they will alert your human staff to advise them. They will then take that learning back to update the ML Model allowing them to get better at reading your documents over time.

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Key Features of UiPath Document Understanding

  • Leverage prebuilt document interpretation frameworks or use your own

    One of the many challenges in adding Document Understanding to your automation toolkit is training the machine. There can be hurdles to value if you have a long startup time.

    Choosing a prebuilt solution from a UiPath Partner can slash development and training time.

  • Understand, interpret and process almost all document types

    UiPath’s Document Understanding is a powerful tool because of the variety of input document types it can ingest and interpret.

    It can read Structured documents and can interpret many Unstructured documents such as Images, PDFs, Low quality scans, and handwriting.

  • Leverage your existing Digital Workforce or Level Up by adding an AI Robot

    Structured documents such as forms or licenses are easy to read for any non-AI UiPath robot. Rules in your document understanding framework tell them where to find information in each field so they can take action.

    AI-powered Document Processing Robots can read unstructured documents, images, emails, and even the sentiment of the text.

  • Human-in-the-loop

    As your Robots start reading your documents they may encounter exceptions, errors or fields they cannot find. By using UiPath Action Center, your robots can alert your team when help is needed to make a decision or understand a character.

    AI Robots can take this learning and automatically update the ML model. As your robots get smarter they need less human help over time.

UiPath Document Understanding Licensing

The basic license for Document Understanding includes the standard reading and processing capacities for fixed structure documents. These can be handled by your Unattended UiPath Robots.

To utilize the advanced AI capabilities, you will also need UiPath AI Center and AI robots. UiPath Action Center can be used to allow your human team to validate the work of your robots and advise them on any exceptions they find.

UiPath Document Understanding is a valuable addition to your UiPath Software Toolkit. Talk to a member of our team to make sure you have all the correct licenses to support your new process.

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