UiPath Automation Hub

UiPath Automation Hub is the central command center for your Automation CoE. Collect, prioritize, and action automation ideas from all over your organization.

The company memo has gone out that you are starting a new automation program and everyone has ideas on what part of their job could be automated. You need a way to capture those ideas. Once the ideas are in, they must be prioritized and evaluated for what is possible to automate, and what is profitable to automate. UiPath Automation Hub is here to help.  

Why Organizations Choose UiPath Automation Hub

When starting a new Automation CoE or expanding your existing automation program, adding UiPath Automation Hub keeps your initiative organized.  This becomes the central management portal for your Automation CoE manager. Here we can determine: 

  • What is important to the team 
  • Which ideas are possible to create 
  • What would be the cost savings and ROI of automating this idea 
  • How to prioritize the most valuable items 
  • Development status, keeping your automation pipeline full and tracking your progress

How It Works

The first goal when implementing Automation Hub will be to collect automation ideas from your team. Once a user logs into Automation Hub they will be able to submit automation ideas. Using Task Capture they will be able to create an outline of their process to submit with their request to help the Automation CoE managers understand the process.  Your team members get instant feedback on the strength of their submission, helping them turn in more complete and actionable automation ideas.

Once the ideas are in, they can then be sorted and prioritized by your Automation CoE. With your cost data added Automation Hub can help you visualize the potential ROI of each automation and your automation program.  You can then prioritize your automation pipeline and track each idea’s progress toward a fully deployed automation.  

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Key Features of UiPath Automation Hub

Central Location to collaborate on Automation ideas

All your companies’ automation ideas flow into one dashboard. Members can upvote automations they would like to see prioritized. They can contribute comments and clarifications to help the idea grow.

Your users will be able to see the popularity and the production status of their Automation Ideas. Being able to see group feedback gets the whole company engaged in the success of your Automation CoE. 

Task Capture

Allows business users to record the steps in their manual tasks and submit this data along with their automation ideas.

ROI Visualization 

Visualize automation complexity and estimated costs of each task. Create ROI projections that help you prioritize automation ideas and are easy to share with leadership.

Easy Sharing of finished Automations

The automation Store holds all of your completed automations. It shows those created by your CoE team. You can also share approved automations created by your users in UiPath StudioX or UiPath Robot Assistant with your whole team.

From here business users can select the automations that would help them complete their work faster.

UiPath Licensing for Automation Hub

The Licensing terms for UiPath Automation Hub are simpler than some of the other components in your UiPath Software Suite. It is billed as an annual flat fee. However, there are some configuration choices to be made depending on your company’s RPA infrastructure.  

  • Cloud Infrastructure – Automation Hub runs easily in the UiPath Cloud integrating and interacting with all of the other components of your UiPath Software Suite. 
  • On-Premise Infrastructure – If your company requires your data to be stored in your own servers at your location you will need to have Automation Suite installed on your server to run Automation Hub.  

The sky is the limit with Automation Hub. There is no limit on the number of users, the number of ideas they can submit, or the number of task capture uses.

Read more about the specifics of UiPath Licensing here 


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