UiPath AI Center

UiPath AI Center adds cognitive decision making and prediction capabilities to your AI Robots allowing them to take on new and more complex tasks.

Adding AI or Machine Learning to your automation workflows allows your robots to take on more difficult tasks and become more efficient over time. When your AI Robot hits an exception to a process (something it does not know how to handle with rules-based logic) it consults your knowledge worker (human) team through AI Center. It then takes that guidance and automatically adds it to the robot’s skillset, allowing your robots to get more effective over time.

Why Organizations Choose UiPath AI Center

UiPath AI Center comes with 25 prebuilt AI Models to add Machine Learning to their most popular automation processes quickly. For example, Document Understanding, Language Analysis, and Image Analysis are all included.  You can also build your own AI/ML Models and add them to AI Center.

To apply AI to your processes, drag and drop ML packets into your Automation workflows through AI Center or UiPath Studio. Run your process to test and train your models before deploying.

How It Works

Many of the included ML packages are augments to other UiPath Software. For example, this is how it might look to add Machine Learning to Document Understanding.

You have built an automation to read standard invoices that comes from one vendor. Your regular UiPath robots can find the information you need because it’s located in the field where they are expecting it to be. This is a rules-based process.  

If you want to process invoices from different vendors with different layouts you need smart robots to search for the data across the document.  When you add the pretrained Invoice Model the AI Robot trains up on the experience from 100,000 invoices read in the past. It now knows how to read invoices and find information of common fields. It can read for Invoice Number, Date, Amount, Sender or other information you ask it to look for.

You continue to train this AI Model as it looks at your specific invoices. If it misses something your human staff can show it where to find that piece of data on the specific document. The AI Robot logs that information and it will find that field again every time an invoice from this vendor comes in.

The AI robot can hand the information it read from the invoices to one of your other robots to complete downline processes. Whether that is to log that information in a database or generate a reply email or whatever rules-based process you have designed to follow up on invoices coming in.

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Key Features of UiPath AI Center

Out-of-the-Box AI Models included

AI Center comes with pre-trained AI Models that can be added to UiPath automation workflows.

You can also build your own ML Models or purchase third party ones. 

Continuous learning

Continuously improve your AI models as your AI Robots alert human team members to advise on process exceptions or validate data they don’t understand.

The validated data is sent to retrain the ML Model. The AI Robots are automatically updated, enabling them to successfully complete the task next time.

AI Robots empower your digital workforce

AI Robots are a special class of UiPath Robots that execute AI-enabled skills.

They make the tough decisions and deliver that data to your attended and unattended robots to carry out downstream tasks.

UiPath AI Robots

To perform AI enabled tasks you need to use AI Robots. Think of them as specialists in your digital workforce. Any task that requires advanced decision making needs a specialist robot to look at it.

One AI Robot can manage two ML models running at the same time. If you have two AI Robots you can have four ML models running.  It is possible to change which ML models are running. Your CoE manager can disable one ML process and enable another through AI Center. Changing over does take a little time to spin up the new model, and this process must be done manually.

UiPath Licensing for AI Center

UiPath AI Center is one of the more costly of the UiPath Licenses. To make sure you can maximize your investment you should consider: 

  • Is your process is rules based, or if it needs AI decision making? 
  • Is there a prebuilt ML model for the skill you wish to have your AI robots perform? 
  • How many AI Robots do you need to execute these skills? 
  • Do you have a developer on your staff who is familiar with deploying AI technology?

Speak with a member of our team who can give you a quote and help you choose the correct UiPath licenses for your needs. 

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