Mendix Low-Code Platform

Low-code development is a simpler approach to software development. With it, you can create apps through graphic user interfaces [GUI] rather than through manual programming. Low-code development is easy to learn, meaning that both professionals and starters can use it. More importantly, low-code development is flexible to your business needs. If applied, your organization can foster low-code solutions that fulfill annual quotas. Impress stakeholders and leadership with low-code powered robots. For maximum flexibility, combine low-code development with open-source programming.

There are many benefits to low-code development:

  • Unprecedented time-to-value (Deliver business apps with your existing crew at unparalleled rates)
  • More bots built at-scale (Develop a variety of solutions, ranging from process automation apps to mission-critical automations)
  • Reduced costs (Low-code development cuts costs and creates new revenue for organizations using it)

Product Highlights

Mendix Cloud

Avoid the hassles of regular cloud automations with Mendix’s low-code cloud services. The cloud itself is a cloud-native app platform optimized for Mendix applications. With it, you can deploy automations anywhere and at any time with a single click. You can also scale existing apps without having to reprogram them through it. The cloud gives you more time to focus on high-value solutions. Mendix will handle any cloud operations that may come up on your behalf. Free your knowledge workers from manual tasks by installing Mendix’s Cloud today. Their cloud works on both public and private servers.

Data Hub

Mendix’s Data Hub lets your workers securely access company data. The Hub itself is powered by an all-access metadata source base. With their metadata, you can gain insight into data context, ownership, and sensitivity. The Hub can also govern managed data for safe reusability via automatic registration. Everything for you and your crew is but a drag and a drop away with Mendix’s Data Hub.


Create apps within minutes using Mendix’s templates. Mendix offers six initial templates to choose from. Approval manages timesheets and customer billing. Forms captures any information you may need. Tasks divides the workload across the team. Tracker monitors everything from office to warehouse supplies. Budgets estimates budget costs for increased financial independence. Lastly, your employees may use Content to handle companywide information. Form any template you need in as little as fifteen minutes.

The Teamer

Use Mendix’s Teamer app to manage your team’s workload. With Teamer, you may monitor your automation’s burn rate. Teamer can also track and analyze employee attendance rates. The analysis is an automatic process that calculates when workers clock in and out for the day. Use this to assign projects that fit individual time schedules. You may also use Teamer’s gathered info to divide resources based on real-time work hours. Track your team in real-time with Mendix’s Teamer app.