Mendix - low-code software provider

Mendix Overview:

Mendix is a low-code software provider. If you have ever developed software before, you know it can be frustrating at times. Your finished products underperform and fail to meet stakeholder expectations. Mendix wants to fix this problem. They are always looking for creative ways for businesses to generate real-time value. And, their hard work shows. More than four thousand companies across the world use Mendix for their low-coding needs. Gartner Research has named Mendix as a low-code leader for two fiscal Magic Quadrants.

Mendix believes that anyone is capable of building world-class infrastructure with the right toolkit. Because of this, Mendix hands organizations the tools needed to create, test, and deploy smart applications. The customer is always top priority. It is not enough for them to guide you through the low-coding process. They also want to see you succeed with flying colors as well. They are a ‘You’ corporation specializing in meeting your needs.

According to Gartner Research, low-code will account for “more than 65% of [all] application development activity” by 2024. Mendix is proud to be the world’s first low-code integration firm. Their open-source infrastructure extends to every layer of the coding stack. Their all-in-one platform enables better software by simplifying the design process.

Integration without frustration is possible with Mendix.

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