Krista | The AI-led intelligent automation platform

The Power of Automation. The Brains of AI. ​A New Era in Process Automation.​

Intelligent Automation combines rules-based process automation with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to create automated business processes and workflows. The automated workflows remove barriers by automatically replicating mundane tasks or providing information from disparate systems so your employees can make more informed business decisions.

Krista helps overcome common automation challenges​

Krista provides a platform-based automation technology that connects directly to back-end systems and utilizes machine learning to help automate more complex processes and provide autonomous decision-making. Krista’s unique architecture extracts the business logic layer from technical integration layers. By separating automation logic from technical integrations, Krista enables business process owners to change and modify process automations and respond quickly to fast changing business rules. This allows your business teams to become more agile by automating more processes.​

  • Modifications in Krista are completed in minutes​
  • Krista provides her own test environment and test data management ​
  • Krista provides native machine learning and AI

Automates End-to-End Business Outcomes​

Krista is purpose-built to automate business outcomes, not just small tasks. Krista elegantly orchestrates people, systems, and AI by digitizing complete processes to increase the speed of your business.​

Lower Total Cost of Ownership​

Krista provides business users with the ability to create and modify automations. These abilities shift work from long-drawn-out project lifecycle to the business process owners to enable an agile business.​

Reduces Complexity for End-Users and IT​

Krista provides a sustainable automation path making people's jobs easier to understand to perform at their best. Krista reduces more complexity than she would ever add. Krista's ease of use and deployment method significantly reduces frequent IT change and resource requests​.

Operationalizes and Builds Trust in AI for Decision Support​

Krista easily integrates AI into your business as you automate business outcomes. Krista provides machine learning or operationalizes processes using your or third-party models. ​

Krista is Intelligent Automation
Automates End-to-End Business Outcomes
Changes Take Minutes vs. Months
Strong, Secure and Flexible
Key to Digital Transformation

How is Krista Different?​

Krista’s simple approach allows anyone to develop and create workflows around their own business needs. AI-led workflows empower your sales, customer service, field operations, finance, or IT professionals to increase internal and external customer satisfaction. Creating automation in Krista is simple. It is just like describing a conversation between your people and your systems. Krista’s automations are beautifully simple, with enough power, scale, and security to find any answer to any question inside the largest enterprises.​


Krista provides intelligent automation using NLU and AI in a complete platform. The platform includes everything you need to automate and engage your people. Krista has her own web and mobile clients or can connect to your existing collaboration tools.

Krista Extension Catalog​

Krista automates complete business workflows across your backend HR, ERP, CRM, ITMS, or custom applications via readily accessible extensions.​


Krista extensions remove any technical or integration barriers to creating automations to backend systems. Hundreds of extensions already exist and are immediately available in Krista’s global catalog. Customers needing integration to custom systems can utilize the Krista Extension Kit to build a private connector. Building a custom extension is a one-time coding effort that you can reuse in any automation. Enterprises and partners like WonderBotz continuously add to their private catalog allowing extension reuse and increasing deployment speeds.​



Flexible deployments​

Krista automation deploys via SaaS when customers want a turnkey platform and private cloud or on-premise when data location, regulatory, or compliance mandates require.​

Enterprise security​​

Krista provides maximum flexibility when securing data. Krista can delegate to your system credentials or use application-level connections to read and update your apps. Krista manages data access by role to prevent PII data or inside information from leaking. ​​

Deploy to web and mobile devices without coding ​​

Krista’s intelligent automation automatically deploys to every platform you need. Krista provides Windows and Mac desktop access, rich mobile experiences for iOS and Android, and integrates into your current collaboration platforms like Slack and Teams.​​

Driving your Intelligent Automation Strategy with Krista

Krista’s informal approach and ease of use enables thousands of automated use cases. Some of the more popular use cases that enterprises start with include:

Sales Support and Order Management

Krista orchestrates the delivery of an order across sales operations to DevOps for deploying and finally to accounting for invoicing.

Finance and Accounting​​

Krista reads inbound EDI or paper invoices, validates via AI, and then matches invoice to PO ensuring no maverick buys occur.​​

Human Resources​​​

Krista directly answers inquiries from employees about vacation or benefit related questions.

System Generated Security Alerts

Krista correlates alerts to combine duplicates so security analysts can work on highest priorities.

Phishing Attempts

Krista can automate resolutions and quarantine devices when connected to security systems.

Requests for Information

Krista’s NLP enables her to answer many other questions when connected to internal apps and data sources.