Centralized Automation Scheduler and Orchestration

Imagine you’re the manager of a team of digital employees. You need to make sure that their work is getting done efficiently and effectively, but you also need to be able to respond quickly to changes in the business environment. How can you do this effectively? With a digital workforce orchestration solution! This type of solution is designed to dynamically manage your digital employees based on input from business teams. It will connect to your automation tools and adjust schedules as needed in order to meet SLAs for business processes. This is an essential tool for any company looking to optimize their digital operations. 

What is automation orchestration? 

Automation orchestration is the process of connecting and coordinating multiple automation tools so they can work together to achieve a goal. This can be anything from running a simple task on a schedule to managing an entire digital workforce. Orchestration solutions provide the ability to connect different automation tools and coordinate their activities in order to achieve efficiency and optimize performance.

What exactly do orchestration tools do?  

Many digital automation orchestration solutions enable you to monitor and report on process performance. This may help identify mistakes, inefficiencies, or other problems that are preventing optimum performance. It can also assist teams measure their progress over time and make necessary modifications to keep on track with their objectives.

Using a centralized scheduling tool allows teams to meet or exceed service levels by ensuring that available resources are turned on when SLAs are at risk of being broken due to rising volumes or other reasons. Smart scheduling management tools can prioritize the implementation of procedures, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks rather than spend time manually scheduling process execution or reacting to sudden changes.

Here are some use cases: 

  • Automatically schedule process automation jobs to run at specific times or dates in order to meet SLAs
  • Generate real-time alerts for team members based on changes in automation schedules or job statuses
  • Manage and monitor compliance with process automation standards and best practices
  • Modify automation schedules

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