Blue Prism Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence offers a complete solution for process mining, task mining, automation, and end-to-end monitoring. The product integrates Process and Task Mining into the entire Blue Prism stack of Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP), Capture and Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM) with an all-inclusive licensing model.

Blue Prism Process Intelligence – Benefits

  • Automate the Automations – Process Intelligence enables to swiftly move from Process discovery with automated mining to capture integration for digital Process Definition Documents. The ability to open within the Design Studio with pre-built wireframes enables to save up to 30% on build time.
  • Process Insight in minutes – Blue Prism uses advanced analysis from existing data in a no-code interface which is intuitive and easy to use. With over 20 pre-built modules, process analysis is easier and more comprehensive, and the insights are obtained in minutes.
  • Zero-risk licensing model – For new and existing customers, it’s an all-paid support agreement licensing model. Simple, predictable expansion licenses make it easy to expand Process Intelligence usage, for the future.
  • Built-in ETL – Built-in Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) in the cloud helps ingest data quickly from practically any system.
  • 360° view of production – Process Intelligence supports a 360° view of processes in production, uncovering any blockages that can cause an issue and by automatically triggering digital workers to the preferred solutions.
  • Cloud-managed service – Process Intelligence has a secure, highly available cloud-managed service with updates and new features added regularly. Additionally, the security features keep the data safe. For customer-managed environments, there also is the flexibility of an on-premises deployment, if so desired.