Blue Prism Software & Licensing

What is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is an intelligent automation platform that allows organizations to launch, maintain and scale a powerful digital workforce. Blue Prism combines RPA with expanded cognitive and AI capabilities to deliver a suite of products that deliver value and results across entire organizations. The Blue Prism stack can be customized to fit your needs, can be implemented on-prem or in the cloud (hybrid solution also available), and is trusted by over 2,000 customers worldwide.

What you need to know when licensing Blue Prism Software

  • Pricing is by runtime capacity rather than by-the-process and is based upon is based upon geography, volume and term.
  • Licenses are subscription-based, typically, in 3 to 5-year terms.
  • Blue Prism platform is sold complete, including analytics, control room, developer licenses, and test/QA/disaster recovery environment licenses.
  • Blue Prism Hub, Decipher, Interact, IADA® and more may be added but are not required.
  • Basic support, maintenance and new releases are included in the annual price. Premium support has follow-the-sun SLAs and also includes access to additional functionality and resources.

A Blue Prism license gives access to the Blue Prism intelligent automation platform, which includes analytics, the control room, developer licenses and QA licenses. A license is subscription-based and is generally driven by several variables such as term, volume and geography. Pricing can also be affected by the type of maintenance package or add-on extensions, as well as the choice of using the on-prem or cloud implementation of Blue Prism. A license term can be as short or as long as you need and can be updated as those needs change. Purchasing a Blue Prism license is the key to unlocking the potential of your workforce.

Why choose Blue Prism?

Blue Prism coined the term RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, and has consistently been at the forefront of providing enterprise-level, business-critical automated solutions. Business users can go beyond simple desktop automation and create complex, resilient solutions that use cutting-edge technology to automate processes and tasks. All of this in a graphically intuitive low-code platform. The Blue Prism platform is not limited to any industry or specialty, meaning that all organizations can reap the benefits of building a digital workforce.

The Blue Prism platform is a complete package that includes analytics, developer and QA licenses, and control room features and can be expanded to include additional intelligent automation tools as needed. Licensing and support packages can be created to best suit your organization’s needs, now and in the future.

What is a Digital Workforce?

Each Blue Prism Digital Worker can perform much of the same work as your current team, except they are virtual employees. Like your team, Digital Workers can shift from process to process throughout the day. Just as with a human employee, each Digital Worker needs its own tools (e.g., computer), credentials, and system access. Depending upon how much work needs to get done, many processes can be assigned to a single Digital Worker and, likewise, many Digital Workers can be assigned to a single process.

Why WonderBotz as your reseller.

We help organizations worldwide license and maximize the value of Blue Prism software. We work with organizations that are starting out, as well as scaling, understand how the software is bundled and priced, advise on purchase options and provide extra incentives for first-time purchases or renewals through us. As a complementary add-on to qualifying orders, we provide developer helpers to make your team more productive or an entry-level Prebuilt Solution to speed time-to-value for faster payback on your investment.

There are many options to choose from when purchasing a license but none compare to WonderBotz. We are an award-winning, value-added reseller with years of proven expertise in the intelligent automation industry. We work closely with organizations that are just starting out in RPA, as well as those who are scaling up. We work closely with Blue Prism, meaning we can fulfill license requests quickly. We understand the bundling and pricing structures, can advise on purchase options and can provide extra incentives on qualifying orders. In other words, we help teams accelerate their RPA journey by helping them make better decisions.

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