Blue Prism & Trial Licensing

Blue Prism Licensing

What you need to know when licensing Blue Prism software:

  • Pricing is by runtime capacity rather than by-the-process and is based upon is based upon geography, volume and term.
  • Licenses are subscription-based, typically, in 3 to 5-year terms.
  • Blue Prism platform is sold complete, including analytics, control room, developer licenses, and test/QA/disaster recovery environment licenses.
  • Blue Prism Hub, Decipher, Interact, IADA® and more may be added but are not required.
  • Basic support, maintenance and new releases are included in the annual price. Premium support has follow-the-sun SLAs and also includes access to additional functionality and resources.

Getting a Blue Prism Trial License

Blue Prism on-prem is available on a trial basis. If arranged through us, we will make your trial the very best experience.

Product Induction Tutorials

In addition to providing your trial license, we can facilitate product induction tutorials and assist with self-paced on-line training with trainers standing by to help. If you prefer, WonderBotz can also quickly build your proof-of-concept or production pilot.

No matter your licensing concerns, we can help!

WonderBotz can help get you get started with Blue Prism Licensing or Trial License. Fill out the form to reach out to us.