Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform

The Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform brings digital transformation to your organization with an AI-empowered digital workforce.

Intelligent Automation allows you to automate the repetitive work in your organization that does not require the creativity or communication skills of your human workforce. These tasks, such as order fulfillment, need to be done accurately and quickly across multiple applications. When you can rely on your digital workers to accomplish these foundational tasks your human workers can focus on more fulfilling work.

Why Organizations Choose Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Automation technology. Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform can work with any of your existing or legacy systems and new technologies that emerge, future-proofing your business.

Many of the gaps between software processes are currently being filled by human workers. When these gaps are filled by digital workers you can develop end-to-end automation workflows that save costs, and relieve your people to focus on more strategic tasks.

How It Works

The Blue Prism Platform offers a range of automation products and licenses to fit your specific business needs.  They are focused to achieve these five objectives.  

  • Discover which tasks can be automated with solutions that analyze your key business processes to guide you toward automations that drive real results.  
  • Empower your users to engage with your automation journey with a range of tools from no code to pro code environments.  
  • Scale your automation program quickly with by augmenting your Blue Prism license suite with pre-built solutions from certified partners and our RPA Marketplace. 
  • Govern and Manage your digital workforce and automation pipeline while staying secure and compliant.  
  • Connect multiple data systems and technologies by building automation connectors that create end to end automated workflows.
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A glimpse at the Blue Prism platform

Design Studio

Here is where you create your automation workflows.

Reusable “objects” represent common events and actions taken in business processes.

You can design new “objects” or modify old ones and save them for future use.

Digital Workforce

Your digital work force is made up of Autonomous software robots who carry out your automations.

Equipped with AI capabilities they can learn your business processes and mimic the work of your human workforce.

Control Room

This is the work hub for your digital work force. You can assign tasks, assign priorities, and plan for volume on-demand.

See the work your digital workers are performing with real-time transparency on process performance.  

Licensing Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform

WonderBotz in our strategic partnership with INVOKE is an Alliances & Reseller partner of Blue Prism. For the best combination of support, additional solutions, and help optimizing your licenses Blue Prism recommends working with a partner provider. As Gold Certified Capability Provider, we are happy be on their preferred partner list.  

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