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Why Organizations Choose SS&C Blue Prism

S&C Blue Prism is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Automation technology. SS&C Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform can work with your existing or legacy systems and new technologies that emerge, future-proofing your business.

Many of the gaps between software processes are currently being filled by human workers. When these gaps are filled by digital workers you can develop end-to-end automation workflows that save costs and allow your people to focus on more strategic tasks.

  • Let your digital workers handle foundational office tasks so your human workers can focus on the creative work that drives your organization forward.
  • Tasks such as order fulfillment, invoice processing, and data entry from forms are the type of rule based, high accuracy jobs that robots love, and humans do not.
  • The SS&C Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform allows you to reserve robotic work for robots, and free up human potential.

How It Works

The SS&C Blue Prism Platform offers a range of automation products and licenses to fit your specific business needs. The process proceeds in 5 phases:

  • Create – Use process intelligence to determine which processes to automate and start building your automations.
  • Accelerate – Enable your digital workers with advanced capabilities like AI decision making and Intelligent document processing.
  • Transform – Develop custom interfaces for your customer or your team members to interact with your digital workers.
  • Unify – Bring your entire workforce together with orchestration for both your digital and human workforce.
  • Operate – Manage and govern your digital workforce on-prem or in the cloud.

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A glimpse at the SS&C Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform

  • Design Studio

    Here is where you create your automation workflows.

    Reusable “objects” represent common events and actions taken in business processes.

    You can design new “objects” or modify old ones and save them for future use.

  • Digital Workforce

    Your digital work force is made up of Autonomous software robots who carry out your automations.

    Equipped with AI capabilities, they can learn your business processes and mimic the work of your human workforce.

  • Control Room

    This is the work hub for your digital work force. You can assign tasks, assign priorities, and plan for volume on-demand.

    See the work your digital workers are performing with real-time transparency on process performance.

How to start your Automation Journey with the SS&C Blue Prism and WonderBotz

WonderBotz is pleased to be an Intelligent Automation solutions provider and a Certified SS&C Blue Prism implementation partner.

Whether starting or scaling, implementing new technology systems can be tricky. Having the right team at the right time can be crucial to your success. To help WonderBotz offers RPA Professional Services, with different levels of help to create custom RPA solutions. From light consulting to borrowing one (or more) of our full-time developers.

For customers looking for maximum speed WonderBotz offers Finance and Accounting Prebuilt Solutions. Get your new digital workforce producing value in weeks with prebuilt marching orders that deliver outcomes fast.

Whatever your automation goals, we have the right size program to help you maximize your UiPath software investment

Speak with a member of our team to assemble the correct solution for your business needs.

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Recommended SS&C Blue Prism Software


SS&C Blue Prism Decipher

SS&C Blue Prism Decipher IDP is an Intelligent Document Processing tool.

OCR and Machine Learning models are employed to extract data from incoming invoices, purchase orders, forms, and other structured and unstructured documents.

With Human-in-the-loop verification decipher can ask your human staff for input on decisions with low confidence. The ML models remember this input and improve document handling for next time.


SS&C Blue Document Automation

SS&C Blue Document Automation, formerly part of the Chorus suite, is their latest IDP tool.

Specializing in reading handwritten structured forms, it extracts the field value and the response on scanned documents.

Process structured and unstructured incoming documents a fraction of the time it would take human office workers with Document Automation.


SS&C Blue Prism Capture

SS&C Blue Prism Capture is a task capture utility for business users to record their tasks and submit them for automation.

Capture process steps, screenshots, and procedure clicks all while performing your workflow. The generated task flow can be edited to include exceptions, offering all the needed information to create Process Definition Documents for faster automation.


SS&C Blue Prism Decision

SS&C Blue Prism Decision makes training Machine Learning models easy enough for business users.

Decision leads you through mapping your decision-making process, allowing the computer to learn to make human-like decisions. Automate more complex tasks by adding SS&C Blue Prism Decision.


SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence

SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence is powered by ABBYY Timeline. It provides a high-level view of all your automation activities, helping leaders identify which automations to tackle first.

This process and task mining tool collects data provided by user logs and SS&C Blue Prism Capture to understand business processes. Continued tracking reveals bottlenecks, and how well automations are performing in production.

SS&C Blue Prism Case Studies

WonderBotz is proud of our client’s success, here are a few of our SS&C Blue Prism RPA Case studies:

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