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Why Organizations Choose Automation Anywhere

Automation and AI are opening up new horizons for business productivity. Adding digital workers to your workforce allows the robotic work to be reserved for robots. Your human team is freed up to use their ingenuity, creativity, empathy, and collaboration to bring their unique human value to the fore.

More, better, faster has been a human obsession since the industrial revolution and
this is another such tech change making that dream possible.
Automation + AI will impact every single industry, department, and virtually every single room
Mihir Shukla, Automation Anywhere CEO

Automation Anywhere is a cloud-native Intelligent Automation Platform built for speed and scale. Rather than a collection of optional component parts, Automation 360 is a complete package optimized to work harmoniously together.

How It Works

The Automation 360 platform is an AI powered Automation Success Platform that comes complete with all the elements you need to:

  • Discover – find the tasks and processes ready for automation
  • Automate – build your automations using reusable code components
  • Scale – take your automations enterprise wide with analytics and maintenance and governance features built in.
  • Engage – Automation Co-Pilot is now AI-powered, enabling business user to use natural language to automate any generative AI use-case – right in their application of choice.

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The Automation Anywhere Intelligent Automation Platform offers exceptional Speed, Security and Scale

  • Speed to Launch

    All of your digital capabilities are housed in one cloud native platform. Instant web-based deployment enables you to start developing bots quickly.

  • Speed to Run

    Designed for speed, your digital workforce performs tasks more quickly and efficiently with the Automation 360 platform.

  • Speed to Value

    Reusable code allows you to build additional automations quickly compounding your ROI as your program scales.

  • Security

    Cyber security is important to all of us. But for those industries where data security is critical, Automation Anywhere goes beyond Soc 1&2 compliance, with the industry’s highest security certification- HiTrust.

  • Scale

    Cloud based computing allows for infinite scalability as your automation program grows.

How to start your
Automation Anywhere 360 Journey with WonderBotz

WonderBotz is a Pathfinder partner with Automation Anywhere, working together to bring customers the latest in automation and AI technology.

Whether starting or scaling, implementing new technology systems can be tricky. Having the right team at the right time can be crucial to your success. To help WonderBotz offers RPA Professional Services, with different levels of help to create custom RPA solutions. From light consulting to borrowing one (or more) of our full-time developers.

For customers looking for maximum speed WonderBotz offers Finance and Accounting Prebuilt Solutions. Get your new digital workforce producing value in weeks with prebuilt marching orders that deliver outcomes fast.

Whatever your automation goals, we have the right size program to help you maximize your Automation Anywhere software investment.

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