The Universal Orchestrator for your Intelligent Automation Program

The ARIA CoE platform brings together your entire Intelligent Automation Toolkit. It is a Universal Orchestrator that manages multiple automation platforms, third party technologies, and instances of AI.

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Why Organizations Choose ARIA CoE

For Automation Center of Excellence Leaders

For growing automation Centers of Excellence, ARIA is the multi-platform orchestrator to optimize bot license utilization and performance. Our Universal Orchestrator lets you centrally manage workflows across multiple IA and AI technologies. Achieve improved SLA management, greater operational transparency, and simplified integration of third-party tools.

You no longer have to choose, settle and hope for the best. ARIA enables CoE leaders to choose the intelligent automation capability that is best-for-need at hand, enabling unprecedented innovation and efficiency.

-Steve LaValle, Co-CEO at WonderBotz

For Companies new to Intelligent Automation

For those who are new to Automation we recommend our Managed Service option. We take care of the infrastructure and IT setup, provide licenses, and can even assist with delivery or production support.

ARIA is the command center for this IA Program in a box. Unlock access to consumption-based overtime for robots, try before you buy trial licenses and hyper-optimized bot management.

How ARIA CoE Works

ARIA CoE is a cloud based SaaS application that operates as a universal orchestrator for your intelligent automation program. Each automation is attached to a workflow aligned to an SLA (service level agreement). The workflow makes calls to the underling automation platforms dynamically reprioritizing schedules to optimize robot usage.

ARIA Universal Orchestrator for Intelligent Automation

The user interface enables custom dashboards, visualizing production across multiple platforms, departments, and systems. Individual dashboards can be created for each business area letting them see how many times their automations run and the financial benefits they are achieving. The business self-serve center allows users to launch their own attended automations, reducing the workload on the CoE team.

When paired with our Managed Service offering, we will provide the services you need to set up and implement your schedule in ARIA.

Ready to bring hyper-optimized orchestration to your Organization? Let us turn your software robots into WonderBotz!

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Benefits of ARIA CoE

  • Operationalize AI Technology

    We allow enterprises to safely unlock the productivity leaps created by GenAI technology and integrate AI capabilities.

    AI is built into ARIA so you can not only build custom GPT solutions, but through automation your digital workers can take action based on those conversations, operationalizing AI.

  • Hyper-optimize your Robot licenses

    Gain 20-30% robot efficiency by automating robot orchestration. Empowered bots can recruit additional help for heavy workloads and change tasks when work is complete rather than act on a rigid schedule. See robot activity in real time, guarantee SLA’s, and free up CoE controller time.

  • Total Freedom of choice

    ARIA CoE is technology agnostic. Add any IA or AI tools. It enables cross-platform cost savings integrating lower cost tools into your workflows where applicable.

    With trial licenses you can try out different solutions. Customer can bring existing licenses with you and combine them with new solutions.

  • ARIA CoE Scales with You

    Bundling your Orchestration, licenses and hosting provides an affordable entry point and subsequent growth path.

    Easily add licenses, capabilities, and volume as your automation program grows, and use fractional licenses to cover peak demand times.

  • Self-Healing

    Avoid costly down time and lower round-the-clock maintenance costs.

    ARIA recognized stalled automations and automatically resets the VM’s. This keeps your digital workers working and producing outcomes.

Getting Started with ARIA CoE and WonderBotz

Flexibility and ease of integration make ARIA a powerful Universal Orchestrator that acts as the control center of your automation program, giving you enhanced visibility, performance, and scalability.

ARIA CoE runs as a secure SaaS application that is easy to install and quick to get up and running. Once deployed, we can help you set up your schedules, priorities and workflows.

The WonderBotz Team has experience working on all leading IA technology platforms from: UiPath, SS&C Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere, to ABBYY, Hyperscience, AWS Textract, ChatGPT, and many others including bespoke custom development.

Whether starting or scaling your Intelligent Automation Program or even being your remote R&D team, WonderBotz can help you find the right combination of tools and technologies for your business use cases.

Speak to a member of our team to see how we can bring hyper-optimized Intelligent Automation to your organization.

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