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Why Organizations Choose ARIA Cloud

The tech world is changing rapidly. It is no longer possible for one vendor to produce the best tool for all use cases. Organizations should not be precluded from choosing the best-of-breed technology across all business units. Not all intelligent automation tools are fit for purpose.

ARIA gives you the freedom to escape vendor lock when selecting the right tool for the job. Our consumption-based pricing model adds a layer of flexibility maximizing your technology investment.

  • Try before you buy – get demo licenses of new technologies and avoid technical debt
  • Multi-Platform management – manage your entire digital work force across multiple systems
  • Consumption based pricing – get extra robot hours for month or year-end demand spikes
  • AI Readiness – our platform has built in secure integrations for ChatGPT, AI Center and other Gen AI technologies, tying them into your automation workflows

How the ARIA Cloud Infrastructure Works

ARIA Cloud is the platform that brings together your entire Intelligent Automation Toolkit. It enables a multi-vendor strategy by replacing mono-technology orchestrators (e.g. UiPath Hub, BP Control Room) with a consistent central experience.

It is the single platform that hosts and manages multiple automation platforms, third party technologies, and instances of AI. Giving your tech and business users a singular interface to manage your entire program.

In the modern enterprise different functional areas can have different needs:

WonderBotz RPA Developer calibrating ARIA Cloud Universal orchestrator to manage UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation anywhere platforms

  • The customer call center team needs to append contacts and update data in multiple systems after each call, they use an RPA tool.
  • In accounting they require an OCR tool to ingest scanned and handwritten invoices, here a third-party tool is best for their use case.
  • Operations might choose to cut costs by using Power Automate in their Microsoft based processes.
  • The newly acquired shipping department already has 30 automations using a different RPA tool.

ARIA gives organizations the freedom to choose the right tool for the right department and manage security, compliance, and efficiency centrally.

Chosen as the exclusive Intelligent Automation hosting solution by AWS, ARIA Cloud integrates work orchestration across all IA solutions available on the AWS marketplace. ARIA also gives seamless access to the WonderBotz Prebuilt Solutions accelerating time to value.

Flexibility and ease of integration make ARIA a powerful universal orchestrator that is easy to install and quick to get up and running.

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Benefits of ARIA Cloud

  • Operationalize AI Technology

    We allow enterprises to safely unlock the productivity leaps created by GenAI technology and integrate AI capabilities.

    AI is built into ARIA so you can not only build custom GPT solutions, but through automation your digital workers can take action based on those conversations, operationalizing AI.

  • Hyper-optimize your Robot licenses

    Gain 20-30% robot efficiency by automating robot orchestration. Empowered bots can recruit additional help for heavy workloads and change tasks when work is complete rather than act on a rigid schedule. See robot activity in real time, guarantee SLA’s, and free up CoE controller time with ARIA.

  • Total Freedom of choice

    ARIA Cloud is technology agnostic. Add any IA or AI tools. Try out different solutions. Bring existing licenses with you and combine them with new solutions.

    ARIA brings all your technology together.

  • Add as you Scale

    With consumption-based pricing, pay only for what you need.

    Add licenses, capabilities, and volume as your automation program grows, and use fractional licenses to cover peak demand times.

Getting Started with ARIA Cloud and WonderBotz

Whether starting or scaling your Intelligent Automation Program the team a WonderBotz can help you find the right tools and technologies for your business use cases.

Manage your entire best-of-breed automation technology stack from one universal orchestrator. With a simple licensing structure and use-based pricing, ARIA Cloud makes Intelligent Automation available to any organization.

Speak to a member of our team to see how we can bring hyper-optimized Intelligent Automation to your organization.

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