Hyperautomation Video – Who benefits from Hyperautomation?

Almost everyone benefits from Hyperautomation. The shareholders benefit. Management benefits. The employees benefit. The customers benefit. Pretty much everyone benefits except for your competitors who aren’t doing it.

You know, as we said earlier, Gartner’s thinking that this is going to have a pretty big financial impact, reducing operating costs by 30% by 2024. And of course, you know, that’s awesome. But we think the real source of value here is the agility that it’s going to provide to organizations.

So it’s the ability to adapt to changes in your needs without having to add this organizational debt, in the form of more people, throwing people, bodies at things, or creating workarounds or more processes or whatever.

Hyperautomation Value-driver & Employee Impact

This ability to adapt is the real value-driver. And then from that side, if we think about the impact on the employees and how it relates to the ability to adapt, is right now, you’ve got a lot of folks doing monotonous work. They’re so busy. They don’t have time to collaborate with one another. In some cases now, everyone’s working remotely just heads down on their tasks.

By freeing them from that work, you know, so liberating them from this assault of the grind. We’re giving them more time to work with each other, to come up with new solutions to problems, to collaborate, to enrich their jobs and to enrich their lives, their lives at work.

So that kind of enrichment there on WonderBotz when we sit back on our team, we think, wow, this is a way, whether you call it digital arbitrage or whether you call it hyper automation or whether you call it digital workers. What we’re really doing is we’re giving the opportunity to restore humanity in business, and we think it’s about time for that.

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