Getting started with RPA

Many organizations struggle on how, to begin with, RPA. Some decide to go at it alone and only need guidance and knowledge at key points. Others may go big with a large-scale consulting firm only to find themselves oversold or underserved when it comes to implementation and results.

Leading practices for success

In our experience, the best ways to get started include:

  • No matter what, adopt a roadmap and approach that delivers value quickly (and often). Early on value trumps form.
  • Leverage “robot-way” process visioning approach that focuses on outcomes rather than blindly follow the way the activities are done today. It’s important to eliminate tasks that are only part of the process because it’s performed by people today.
  • Identify, evaluate and prioritize your backlog as part of an estimate of the potential size of the digital program.
  • Set the initial management systems for stakeholder engagement, benefits realization, and design authority and configuration quality. These systems are often the components of a centre-of-excellence (COE) and will evolve over time as you scale.
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Tactics that reduce risk and increase speed

These suggestions apply to all organizations beginning to adopt digital workers into their operations.

  • Again, no matter what, adopt a roadmap and approach that delivers value quickly (and often).
  • Where possible, license prebuilt use cases and models for fast value, quick wins and learning.
  • Get external practitioners to help with launch programs while building your own internal expertise.
  • Use an experienced team build automations at scale while your team learns in order to make your program self-funded as quickly as possible.

For organizations seeking to establish their own teams, these tactics also apply:

  • Invest in training (i.e., developer, analyst, controller, solution architects) that also reinforces your standards and desired operating approach.
  • Have the right mentors (i.e., experienced practitioners rather than academics) on call to prevent your developers, analysts and leaders from getting stuck on items that would otherwise be resolved quickly

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