Book a demo of our GENIE Solution

One of our team members will show you how GENIE fully automates data gathering as well as task and process identification, enabling leaders to start with fact-based opportunity prioritization.


  • Artificial intelligence models examine activities to define tasks and then examine tasks to define processes. They work across departmental boundaries giving a true view of the end-to-end process.
  • GENIE’s lightweight desktop agent captures data for use by computers rather than people, making it more resilient, easier to deploy and maintain. Organizations can decide which activities to capture through parameters and the tool automatically masks sensitive information such as personal information and personal health information.


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What makes GENIE Different?


Since artificial intelligence is performing the analysis rather than SMEs, the volume of data gathered is lower. That means faster deployment and lower infrastructure costs. GENIE pushes a lightweight discovery recorder on to user desktops and can consume logs, as available, like a process mining tool.