GENIE CoWorker

GENIE CoWorker is your generative AI colleague trained on your company data. It provides secure on-premise ChatGPT functionality to enterprises. 

Meet GENIE CoWorker the first fully secure, On-Premise ChatGPT trained on your company’s internal data. GENIE CoWorker uses a familiar chat bot interface that can be expanded to full screen for larger writing projects like emails and company presentations.  

CoWorker is a super accelerator in the GENIE AI Enterprise Intelligence Suite. It eliminates the time spent learning how to write complicated prompts to get relevant responses from ChatGPT.  

It understands context from actual user workflows to make relevant suggestions informed by your company specific data.  

Why Organizations Choose GENIE CoWorker

Cyber Security is important for every company, but for compliance heavy industries keeping sensitive information on-premise is a must. Most Generative AI software’s require sending data to their cloud for processing, creating the potential for accidental confidentiality breaches, as advised by Bloomberg Law. With CoWorker, all organizations can experience the productivity boosting effect of ChatGPT in a secure on-prem environment.  

How It Works 

GENIE CoWorker is newest accelerator in the GENIE AI Enterprise Intelligence Suite. The GENIE tracker will gather data from all data sources used in your organization. That includes emails, local documents on user stations, your website, other resource materials, your enterprise cloud (SharePoint, google etc) ERP’s, CRM’s and other integrations as needed.  This data is aggregated into an on-prem secure vector database.  

See productivity jumps with our easy-to-use interface. CoWorker observes the context of the current user action to interpret the question being asked. This allows it to generate the most relevant response without building lengthy complex prompts. Token length, temperature, and approved writing styles can all be adjusted in the maximized view of CoWorker. 

The GENIE software suite is delivered as a managed service. This allows our customers to receive IT support implementing an AI database and keep up to date with the rapidly changing AI landscape. Organizations can choose any mainstream or open-source Large Language Models, and change models as new ones become available. 

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Benefits of GENIE CoWorker:

Secure OnPrem ChatGPT 

GENIE CoWorker provides your staff with the convenient ChatGPT access they want in an on-premise secure solution that prevents employees from accidentally leaking confidential information into the internet. 

Enhance productivity 

CoWorker knows your company’s internal knowledge base. It can answer training questions, instruct staff on company protocols that they may not do often. It can even complete writing tasks using the approved company voice. 

Tracking metrics 

Generative AI has become a black box in more ways than one. With CoWorker’s detailed analytics leaders can know who uses CoWorker and for what. See real time productivity metrics to know how much time GPT actually saves your company.

Freedom to choose your model 

Use any mainstream or open-source Large Language Model. With CoWorker you can stay up to date changing models as new ones become available.

Productivity Metrics for ChatGPT Technology

There is huge buzz around the suggested productivity boosts of Generative AI Technology. But until now it has been impossible to see into the black box of ChatGPT to know how much difference it is really making.  

The GENIE Core Command Center gives you the ability to track real numbers in real time. The analytics dashboard reveals how much productivity has changed, which users or departments have been most impacted, and where adoption is lagging. 

Licensing for GENIE CoWorker

CoWorker is one of the four Accelerators in the GENIE Enterprise Intelligence Suite. Annual licensing is added to your instance of GENIE Core, along with any of the other accelerators you have chosen to activate. The managed service agreement that comes with all GENIE deployments covers updates, support questions, and IT assistance for CoWorker.  

As an on-prem Enterprise AI installation there are CPU and GPU resources required to run GENIE CoWorker. Our specialist AI technical team will assess your requirements and determine with your IT team the hardware needed for your deployment. We will also help you configure them.

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