Our enablement services turn enthusiastic participants into great RPA practitioners. We have invested heavily into these programs, and train and support our people the same way. If your robotics service provider cannot make your people great, then how could their people be great!?
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Why WonderBotz for RPA Training?

Each of our classes was constructed and are delivered by seasoned practitioners who bring leading practices to life with real-world examples. Beyond features and functions, we teach what you need to know to get the most out of RPA. Our content builds extensively on vendor manuals spanning out-of-the-box functionality, step-by-step configuration scenarios, and compilation excercises, and advanced design leading practices for solution resiliency and scalability. Frankly, it's the training we wished for when we were starting out in RPA and we use it internally.

RPA Curriculum and Milestones

Blue Prism Essentials Online
​Broader than Blue Prim Foundations, this week-long, self-paced course gets students who are new to RPA up to speed in Blue Prism and concludes with the hands-on Blue Prism consolidation exercise.
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RPA 101
Blue Prism Advanced Techniques 
​​Builds upon skills from RPA 101 and covers advanced materials to be mastered by accredited developers. Qualified participants will be given the option to take the Blue Prism® Developer Accreditation Exam at the end of this boot camp.
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RPA 102
RPA Strategy and Road Map  
​Equips RPA business analysts from setting strategy through defining and documenting processes for developers. This class builds upon our RPA 101 Essential Features class.
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RPA 151
Blue Prism Controller
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RPA 161
​Equips the day-to-day operations team to manage Blue Prism application, including release, queue and parameter management
Solution Designer
​Equips accredited Blue Prism developers to conceive solutions adhering to best of breed principles between human-way and robot-way for higher quality and and greater resiliency.
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RPA 175

Post-training Backstop

Recent Thought Leadership

Need someone to call after training? Our RPA post-training services help newly trained or existing teams with advanced configuration troubleshooting, solution design questions, and related service delivery inquiries. We offer these services on a retainer basis to be on call to help resolve design and configuration challenges faced by developers and architects.

Design Authority

Getting both the solution and detailed designs right and then verifying the resultant automation conforms to the designs is key to maintainable and scalable automation. Our experts apply a multi-point approach to review your solution and detailed designs, advise on improvements and verify that the automation built conforms to the approved design.

Configuration Authority

Complementing our Design Authority reviews, our experts will perform deep dives into your developed applications to ensure that they comply with leading configuration practices for long-term maintainability and resilience. We apply a scorecard approach with recommendations for improvement.

Debugging and Smoke Testing

Even after extensive Unit Testing and UAT, sometimes your automation does not quite work the way you want in production. This could be due to hard-to-find issues or even differences in your environments. We have seen just about everything and can speed your time-to-value by accelerating the final smoke testing to completion.