RPA 181

Blue Prism Infrastructure Upgrade

Project-based learning series that guides IT and RPA teams through an enterprise-level Blue Prism infrastructure upgrade with sessions dedicated to hands-on design, testing, and technical assistance. 

Designed to enable in-house capabilities, IT teams actively learn, shadow, and practice the skills needed to design, configure, and troubleshoot future infrastructure upgrades. 


  • RPA Technical Architect 
  • RPA Installation Engineer 
  • RPA Project Manager 
  • IT Project Manager

RPA Platform

  • Blue Prism


  • Understand how to design, optimize, and install an enterprise-level RPA Platform upgrade 
  • Evaluate how upgrade will impact live automations and align regression testing 
  • Implement infrastructure upgrade and align deployment schedules for live automations 


Corporate training: Virtual instructor-led, 4 sessions, 2-3 hours each, 5-6 seats max, 6-8 week duration


  • WonderBotz Infrastructure Design document  
  • Blue Prism upgrade documentation 
  • Implementation plan and milestone checklists 


Session I: Project Kickoff

Initial meeting to (1) establish expectations from trainee organizations, (2) frame the implementation plan, and (3) highlight available technical assistance. Agenda topics include:

  • Introduce Blue Prism enterprise architecture
  • Review installation requirements and available knowledge resources
  • Align implementation plan and identify all IT stakeholders
  • Highlight mobilization best practices, recommendations, and common pitfalls
Session II: Infrastructure Design

Design checkpoint for technical guidance around initial infrastructure design, specifications, and configuration. Draft Infrastructure Design Document to be submitted 48-hours in advance to allow time for offline review. Agenda topics include:

  • Upgrade version feature summary and release note highlights  
  • Infrastructure Design Document gap analysis, risks, and recommendations  
  • Common challenges (i.e. group policies, golden image, remote desktop options)   
Session III: Development (“DEV”) Environment Test

Test checkpoint for DEV environment configured by trainee organization. Designated RPA and IT leads will shadow WonderBotz during the hands-on walk-through, checklist, and testing activities. Agenda topics include:

  • Test Login Agent and Blue Prism installations  
  • Discuss regression testing and environmental readiness  
  • Document, triage, or provide recommendations for any identified issues 
  • Common challenges (i.e. SSO, environment readiness, 3rd party integrations)   
Session IV:  Technical Assistance

Test checkpoint to triage or provide recommendations for any issues identified by the IT teams while testing the UAT and PROD environments. Hands-on technical assistance provided for special topics (ex. Login Agent and SSO issues).


  • ​​​Existing Blue Prism installation and licenses
  • Designated project delivery roles

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