RPA 175

Solution Designer for RPA Developers and Solution Architects (2-day)

Equips accredited Blue Prism developers to conceive solutions adhering to best-of-breed principles between human-way and robot-way for higher quality and greater resiliency.


  • Accredited Blue Prism Developers
  • Experienced Blue Prism Developers


  • Master key documents, including Process Design Document (PDD), Solution Design Document (SDD), and detailed Process Design Instruction (PDI) documents.
  • Make architectural decisions based on the WonderBotz-recommended architectural principles and best practices.
  • Make your automations scalable, reliable, and secure.
  • Enable greater flexibility and resiliency in an automated solution.
  • Maximize the technology environment in order to increase performance and reduce costs.


Option 1: Instructor-led classroom setting at your location
  • Delivery: ​​Instruction and group exercises as part of multi-day simulated project over two days. Throughout the session, participants will be tested to assess their readiness to take the Blue Prism Accreditation exam.
Option 2: Instructor-led in virtual online setting
  • Delivery: Instruction is delivered at set times. We are setting schedules to enable participants to work their day jobs while taking training.
  • Exercises are available on-demand
  • Recorded playback will be available for participants who miss a session.


  • Designing for unattended automation
  • Sub-processes and wrapper objects
  • Recoverability and scalability
  • Object design
  • Case management
  • Workload management
  • Data management
  • Web services


  • ​​​RPA101 and RPA102 (or equivalent)
  • Accredited Blue Prism developer


​​Virtual machines are provided containing all of the necessary software needed to complete the course, including Blue Prism.


​​New students only: Upon receipt of your paid order, you will be sent a form to provide additional information and qualifications to take the class. You will be contacted and interviewed by a WonderBotz trainer who will confirm your eligibility and acceptance to the class.

WonderBotz reserves the right to deny admittance and refund training fees at any time for any reason.