RPA 171

Process Controller

Equips RPA Process Controllers to (i) design a service model for sustainable RPA operational support, (ii) perform day-to-day system administrator tasks in Blue Prism, and (iii) discuss considerations related to advance topics targeting organizations with new, established, or mature intelligent automation programs.  


  • RPA Process Controllers 
  • RPA Support Analysts 
  • RPA Developers 

RPA Platform

  • Blue Prism


  • Review service model framework for RPA operational support 
  • Define RPA Process Controller role and responsibilities 
  • Practice system administrator tasks in Blue Prism (e.g., scheduling, review session logs) 
  • Discuss advanced topics related to RPA Platform  


Corporate training: 3 sessions, 3 hours each, 8-10 seats max 
  • Option 1: In-person classroom training at your location (1-2 days) 
  • Option 2: Virtual instructor-led classroom training (3 days) 


Session I: RPA Process Controller and RPA Operational Support 
  • RPA Process Controller role and responsibilities  
  • Service model framework for RPA operational support  
  • Best practices and documentation for service model implementation  
Session II: RPA Operational Support Activities, Considerations, and Best Practices 
  • Administration 
    • High-level infrastructure highlights 
    • System manager 
    • Control room 
    • Environment and session variables 
  • Workload management 
    • Scheduler 
    • Resource pools and groups 
    • Dynamic process execution 
  • Investigation and monitoring 
    • Session logs 
    • Remote access tool 
    • Tiles and dashboards 
  • Release management 
    • Creating a release package 
    • Import/export release files 
    • Deployment documentation 
    • Testing approach 
Session III: Advanced Topics (Q&A format, select 1 option from list below)  
  • Option 1: Considerations when mobilizing new RPA operational support services  
  • Option 2: High-level infrastructure assessment of current RPA platform installation  
  • Option 3: Select topics in RPA platform infrastructure, functionality, and optimization  


  • RPA 101 Blue Prism Essentials or equivalent 
  • Access to Blue Prism DEV or testing environments for demos  

Inquire below for registration