RPA 101

Blue Prism Essentials

​Much broader than Blue Prism Foundations, we offer online and classroom versions of this course to get participants who are new to RPA up to speed in Blue Prism. The course offers demonstration videos and exercises that build a full automation. 


  • New RPA Developers
  • New RPA Business Analysts 
  • New RPA Solution Architects


  • Understand how Blue Prism works, including core features and functions, and leading practices for quality and resiliency
  • Build proficiency in configuring Blue Prism, including automating their first end-to-end business process (i.e., simple order entry)
  • Gain exposure to the RPA project life cycle ​​​


In-person classroom training at your location or virtually (5 days)

Five full days of live instruction. Throughout the session, participants will be evaluated to assess their readiness to take the Blue Prism Accreditation exam and provided with coaching points. 


  • Demonstrative videos and exercises 
  • Blue Prism user manuals 
  • Virtual machines containing all necessary software to complete the course including Blue Prism 


  • Introduction to RPA and Blue Prism 
  • Overview of Blue Prism Layers 
  • Object Studio and Business Objects 
  • Application Modeller 
  • Object Studio Key Stages 
  • Running and Debugging 
  • Process Studio  
  • Control Room 
  • Case Management and Work Queues 
  • Error and Exception Management 
  • Advanced Content 
  • Bonus: Overview of the project lifecycle 


  • ​​​Knowledge of business process and/or data flow 
  • Ability to design and interpret process diagrams 
  • Exposure to basic IT programming constructs 
  • A deep knowledge of Microsoft Excel functions is very helpful

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