Blue Prism Sandbox

Access to virtual machine with Blue Prism and Blue Prism training content for use to prepare for a Blue Prism exam.

The Blue Prism Sandbox is a self-guided experience that provides access to a Blue Prism environment for 30 days of hands-on learning. It includes Blue Prism Consolidation Exercises, Foundation Manual and Blue Prism Exam Guides, but does not include WonderBotz training content. The Virtual Machine provisioned is for training only and not for creation of automations for use personally or in your organization. 

Participants seeking our instructional content should register for RPA 101 and RPA 102.


  • New RPA Developers
  • New RPA Solution Architects


  • Reinforce participant’s foundational skills and practice advanced features and techniques during project simulations
  • Demonstrate proficiency in building and configuring in Blue Prism
  • Integrate the RPA project life cycle ​​​and delivery road map documents
  • Enables participants to prepare for the Blue Prism Accreditation exam 


The course has the following files pre-loaded:

  • Order System Consolidation Exercise (Windows-based automation)
  • BP Travel Exercise (Windows-based automation)
  • Advanced BP Travel Exercise (Windows-based automation)
  • Surface Automation (Foundation)
  • Surface Automation (Advanced)
  • Blue Prism Exam Guides


Self-directed with 30 days of access to a VM and the option of purchasing more time.


  • Knowledge of business process and/or data flow
  • Ability to design and interpret process diagrams
  • Exposure to basic IT programming constructs
  • A deep knowledge of Microsoft Excel functions is very helpful


Email Support is available should you have any technical difficulties or need assistance.

*Development support is not included

Virtual Machine

Virtual machine fully equipped with all required software to complete the course. It will be provisioned and accessible within the learning management system upon purchase.

This virtual machine is for training purposes only. It is not for creation of automations for personal use or in your organization and should not be exported. If content other than training material is completed, you’re VM will be deleted and you will not receive a refund.