RPA 181

Blue Prism Infrastructure Upgrade

Project-based learning series that guides IT and RPA teams through an enterprise-level Blue Prism infrastructure upgrade with sessions dedicated to hands-on design, testing, and technical assistance. 

Designed to enable in-house capabilities, IT teams actively learn, shadow, and practice the skills needed to design, configure, and troubleshoot future infrastructure upgrades. 

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Blue Prism Sandbox

Access to virtual machine with Blue Prism and Blue Prism training content for use to prepare for a Blue Prism exam.

The Blue Prism Sandbox is a self-guided experience that provides access to a Blue Prism environment for 30 days of hands-on learning. It includes Blue Prism Consolidation Exercises, Foundation Manual and Blue Prism Exam Guides, but does not include WonderBotz training content. The Virtual Machine provisioned is for training only and not for creation of automations for use personally or in your organization. 

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RPA 171

Process Controller

Equips RPA Process Controllers to (i) design a service model for sustainable RPA operational support, (ii) perform day-to-day system administrator tasks in Blue Prism, and (iii) discuss considerations related to advance topics targeting organizations with new, established, or mature intelligent automation programs.  

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RPA 161

Solution Designer

​Equips RPA design and development leads with the capability to conceive solutions adhering to best-of-breed principles between human-way and robot-way for higher quality and greater resiliency. Qualified participants may sit for the Blue Prism® Solution Design Exam at the end of this course.

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RPA 151

Business Strategy and Roadmap Development

​Equips RPA demand pipeline leads with the capability to (i) establish evaluation criteria for automation candidates, (ii) prioritize and realign the delivery roadmap, and (iii) define and document “as-is” process and functional requirements for developers and solution designers. 

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RPA 102

Advanced Techniques in Blue Prism

​​Builds upon skills from RPA 101 and covers advanced materials to be mastered by accredited developers. Qualified participants may sit for the Blue Prism® Developer Accreditation Exam at the end of this course.

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RPA 101

Blue Prism Essentials

​Much broader than Blue Prism Foundations, we offer online and classroom versions of this course to get participants who are new to RPA up to speed in Blue Prism. The course offers demonstration videos and exercises that build a full automation. 

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