Workday data alignment and reconciliation with legacy systems

Industry : Cross-Industry, Hospitality

Function : Human Resources


Eliminated low-value work efforts

Eliminated low-value work efforts

Reduce process cycle time but up to 50%

Reduce process cycle time but up to 50%

Eliminated data discrepancy errors between systems

Eliminated data discrepancy errors between systems

Company Profile

Global hospitality company with a portfolio of luxury, lifestyle, premium and value-focused hotel and resort brands that operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 350,000 people worldwide.

Scope Highlights

  • ReportBotz solution
  • Workday, ADP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP
  • Data compliance, reconciliation, migration, and sanitization
  • RPA (robotic process automation)

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An international hotelier seeking to modernize its Human Resources department and technology stack decided to implement Workday. Despite the implementation taking place years ago, the setup and data integrations needed to be completed. Employees were forced to use legacy systems and Workday to complete their job, and more effort was worked to sync the master data between the two systems. Ultimately, the hotelier spent as much time on data management and reconciliation as they were on their actual business process and were ready for a change.


WonderBotz ReportBotz solution was implemented for data acquisition, standardization, and conflict resolution. First, the automation extracts all contingent data from Workday and the legacy systems required to complete the process. After data extraction, ReportBotz reviews and cleanses the data of any formatting errors to ensure data quality alignment across the systems. The data is standardized into a master set and uploaded back into Workday. Finally, comparison and change reports are generated, showing the updates and identifying conflicts the bot could not resolve.