University processes grant requests 2x faster with Ellucian Banner automation

Industry : Higher Education

Function : Operations


2x Faster grant processing time

2x Faster grant processing time

96% reduction in data entry errors

96% reduction in data entry errors

40% of code contributed to the Consortium

40% of code contributed to the Consortium

Company Profile

Comprehensive public research university located in Virginia that offers 200 degree programs in a wide range of fields and is committed to promoting academic excellence, research and innovation, and community engagement.

Scope Highlights

  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Challenge: Manual Data Entry
  • Solution: Custom Automation
  • Outcome: 2x faster grant processing time

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Challenge: Manual Data Entry

The university’s processing team handles up to 500 monthly requests to create new grant data for scholarships, awards, and other fiscal line items.

Team members received requests by email and manually entered grant data into multiple screens in their account management platform, Ellucian Banner. This highly repetitive and time-consuming process often experienced data entry errors requiring rework.

Leadership sought a solution to eliminate the need for manual processing and improve data accuracy and compliance.

Solution – Reusable Ellucian Banner Automation

Working together with the institution’s Automation COE, WonderBotz provided custom RPA development. Creating reusable code that can be applied to other Ellucian Banner automations accelerating ROI as their RPA program expands.

The solution makes an API call to Google sheets which retrieves an Excel list of new grants to be created. The data is validated and loaded to an RPA work queue, where it is picked up by a digital worker. The digital worker navigates the platform and uses the grant data and configurable business logic to update all the necessary forms. Once completed, the solution updates the Google sheet with the processing status and alerts the team to records requiring follow-up.

The reusable RPA code was contributed to the WonderBotz Education Consortium. This program allows our university clients to share reusable code pieces through our RPA code library. Working together institutions can lower the barrier of entry, making RPA for Higher education reachable for all universities.