Trust accounts enrolled en masse

Industry : Banking & Finance

Function : Operations


Over 13,000 hours saved annually

Over 13,000 hours saved annually

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Eliminated data errors

Eliminated data errors

Company Profile

Regional commercial bank focusing on serving personal and small to medium businesses in the western region of US. The bank provides services including commercial banking, construction lending, small business loans, franchise capital management, property banking, fiduciary banking, government banking, and treasury management, with over $800 million annual revenue.

Scope Highlights

  • Mass account enrollment
  • Data cleansing rules
  • SWP (core accounting system)
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • MS Outlook

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A leading regional commercial bank determined data entry errors during their account enrollment and approval process caused significant processing delays—this manual process required heavy inter-department communication due to the gap between the account setup and approval. Leadership wanted a solution to reduce the dependency on manual processing while improving processing times and data accuracy.


The solution uses RPA to navigate to a shared folder to retrieve account setup or approval data and then uses business rules to evaluate the request. The automation enters the data into the accounting system and generates a request processing report which it distributes to business areas for analysis. It applies externalized data cleansing rules that standardize and validate the data, eliminating the need for manual review.