Test orders to confirm inventory and rate setup

Industry : Cross-Industry, Hospitality

Function : Sales


36 FTEs saved

36 FTEs saved

Enhanced automation stability

Enhanced automation stability

Prioritized operations team to higher-value activities

Prioritized operations team to higher-value activities

Company Profile

Global hospitality company with a portfolio of luxury, lifestyle, premium and value-focused hotel and resort brands that operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 350,000 people worldwide.

Scope Highlights

  • Multiple browsers, including Chrome & Firefox
  • 90,000 annual test bookings
  • Javelin CRM
  • GRS browser-based application
  • Lanyon GDS access emulator
  • MS Excel, Outlook
  • Automation redesign

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Hotel revenue auditors perform test bookings through various channels to confirm that hotels and accounts were appropriately configured and report their findings to management. Dedicated staff manually connect to many systems as part of performing this work. Prior automation attempts failed to yield results due to too many exceptions because the design team needed to better handling of the instability of the underlying systems. Leaders wanted increased automation resiliency to realize the expected benefits.


The WonderBotz solution design team worked with the client to redesign the automation for improved error handling, automation resiliency, and fewer exceptions. The enhanced solution checks VM configuration details before running the process. The solution retrieves case data from the CRM application and logs into the target back-office systems to perform the test bookings. Once all cases are processed, the automation produces and uploads a status report to a secured folder for management review.