Retail wholesaler saves 100k+ annually with automated business reporting

Industry : Retail and Consumer Services

Function : Accounting and Finance


3,200+ hours saved each year

3,200+ hours saved each year

11 FTEs redirected to higher priority tasks

11 FTEs redirected to higher priority tasks

$100k + annual savings

$100k + annual savings

Company Profile:

Specialty multi-brand footwear focused wholesaler and retailer with roughly 1,500 retail stores through the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Automation Case Study Snapshot:

  • Industry: Retail, Wholesale & Consumer
  • Challenge: Inefficient workflows brought down productivity
  • Solution: ReportBotz+
  • Outcome: Productivity improvement and expense reduction

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Challenge: Inefficient workflows prevent business growth

This company manages multiple brands under one roof, each of which has its own smaller teams responsible for business reporting. Lack of consistency between locations caused inefficiencies, and business users did not have the time or resources to reimagine these workflows.

They needed a consistent approach that would maximize their team’s efficiency and scale as the business grows.

Solution: ReportBotz+ automated business reporting enables scale

WonderBotz worked with the vendor to uncover areas where processes could be optimized to prepare them for automation implementation. With the optimized processes prepared, the team leveraged a prebuilt ReportBotz+ solution that generates user-defined output reports and automatically distributes them to business users.

ReportBotz+ allows business users to input plain-English instructions to define the proper data sources, transformations, and output formats to generate reports faster and more consistently than before.

Utilizing automated business reporting to reimagine their workflows saved the company 3,200 processing hours annually, and this recovered time allowed 11 FTEs to be redirected to higher priority tasks.