Procure-to-pay fintech simplifies and scales invoice payment remittance

Industry : BPO and Business Services, Cross-Industry

Function : Accounting and Finance


75% faster processing

75% faster processing

Extensible for future supplier onboarding

Extensible for future supplier onboarding

Improved solution availability

Improved solution availability

Company Profile

Recognized as one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies, this industry-leading fintech firm provides automated invoice-to-payment processing services that handle hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue on behalf of many thousands of mid-market firms.

Scope Highlights

  • Invoice payment through supplier portals
  • Salesforce system for approved invoices, remit-to and invoice data
  • Intelligent document processing (IDP) using ABBYY
  • API calls
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

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Operations had previously automated the payments process with lackluster results. The initial approach closely followed the manual process and relied upon the target system UI’s which were often slow. Additionally, the automation had idle time by design as digitized documents retrieval did not keep up with document processing often leaving downstream bots waiting for more work. Leadership wanted a solution that could unlock the benefits that could easily scale as they added more clients for their P2P services.


Solution is based upon a more efficient design using WonderBotz chassis-connector approach. Running on a schedule, it uses APIs to retrieve invoices that are ready for payment including related data from payment control system (i.e., Salesforce) and proprietary invoice repository. It uses IDP to extract confirmation data from the invoice PDF. Next, it accesses supplier portal, makes payment for the invoice, and updates payment results and uploads corresponding payment screenshot evidence in Salesforce.