Morning reports delivered before start of work day

Industry : Cross-Industry, Retail and Consumer Services

Function : Operations


Eliminated the manual effort to produce the morning reports

Increased productivity of the users

Standardized delivery of reports

Company Profile

Global confectionery leader known for bringing goodness through its chocolate, sweets, mints and other great-tasting snacks. Approximately 18,000 employees deliver these delicious, quality products globally. The company has more than 80 brands around the world that drive over $7.4 billion in annual revenues.

Scope Highlights

  • WonderBotz ReportBotz+
  • SAP
  • Report generation
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Shared-folder directory

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Operations team produces reports at the start of each day that are distributed to the various departments. These reports were created manually through SAP and took anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes to customize and produce, which led to delays in the other departments that needed these reports. The operations team wanted to automate the process so that the necessary reports would be available each morning.


ReportBotz+ connects to SAP and uses business rules to customize and produce reports for individual departments. The automation then distributes these reports as instructed. All of this is done before business hours to ensure the reports are available when business users start their day. Automation is extensible to support new departments and reports by updating the business rules and adding to the existing schedule.