Manufacturing firm flags underperforming products with automation, saving $400,000

Industry : Manufacturing

Function : Accounting and Finance


$400,000 in cost avoidance

$400,000 in cost avoidance

Improved reporting accuracy

Improved reporting accuracy

Reduced processing time

Reduced processing time

Company Profile:

This global manufacturing firm partners with customers to provide sustainable paper and packaging solutions that help them win in the marketplace.

Automation Case Study Snapshot:

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Challenge: Manual reports processing
  • Solution: Custom Automation
  • Outcome: Productivity Improvement and cost reduction

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Challenge: Reporting bottlenecks delay sourcing decisions

This organization’s procurement team needed to identify products that were running at a loss threshold. Identifying these items required team members to manually search through multiple reports to match cost records. These reports were generated by outdated legacy systems that frequently timed out while processing. Slow systems combined with meticulous manual oversight created bottlenecks and delayed decision making.

Finance leadership needed a solution that would flag underperforming items and more effectively manage their legacy systems, allow the procurement team to make better sourcing decisions.

Solution: Automation identifies products performing at a loss

WonderBotz worked with the procurement teams to optimize the reporting process by using a single ERP tool to generate the data points. This tool generates reports during the plant’s off-hours to be ready for start of business the next day.

The automation reviews the reports and captures the product IDs for all items that are running at or above the loss threshold. It then compiles them into rebid packages and distributes the lists to the procurement team for review. The timely updates allow the team to make better sourcing decisions, saving the company $400,000 in cost avoidance.