Manufacturer processes over 190,000 shortfall orders, saving $250,000 annually

Industry : Manufacturing

Function : Supply Chain


$255,000 saved per year

$255,000 saved per year

5,100 hours saved annually

5,100 hours saved annually

Standardized process via automation

Standardized process via automation

Company Profile

Global manufacturing firm that partners with customers to provide sustainable paper and packaging solutions that help them win in the marketplace.

Scope Highlights

  • Radius shipment tracking software
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • MS Outlook, Excel
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • 192,000 transactions per year

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When customers receive partial shipments, the manufacturer records the order as a shortfall and updates the details to free up raw materials for other orders. Customer service reps must then update order status and details in disparate systems. This approach resulted in processing delays and distraction from higher-value activities. Leadership wanted a solution to process shortfall orders and scale to meet high-demand periods quickly.


The automation receives a daily list of production and sales order shortfalls. It uses business logic to determine which cases can be processed and which should be handed back to the CSR team. The automation connects to SCM software to update the actual order volume received and updates the order status. Finally, the automation sends daily MI and exception reports to team leaders. The automation standardizes the process by connecting to a single SCM for all changes.