Manufacturer processes $1B in payments annually with Cash App automation

Industry : Logistics and Supply Chain

Function : Supply Chain


90% improved handling time

90% improved handling time

87% of workflow handled by bot

87% of workflow handled by bot

Over $1B in payments processed annually

Over $1B in payments processed annually

Company Profile

This shared-services provider for one of North America’s largest beverage-bottling companies provides support to over 70 independent bottlers and other partners. They collaborate with partners and stakeholders to drive maximum value and results for their partners and customers.

Automation Case Study Snapshot:

  • Industry: Logistics and Supply chain
  • Challenge: Payments across Multiple Sources
  • Solution: Cash Application
  • Outcome: Cycle-time reduction

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Challenge: High payment volume outpaces manual processing capabilities

Each month, the Finance and Operations team received payments in multiple formats, such as wire transfer, ACH transfer and checks. These payments were received from multiple vendors and often lacked crucial information or were riddled with errors. Many required special handling due to disputes, discounts, or other complexities. Remedying these errors and special conditions required manual intervention and consumed significant AR clerk time. The high volume of payments far outpaced the team’s capacity and caused processing delays. These delays negatively impacted revenue recognition, customer credit, and compliance.

Leadership needed a scalable automation solution that could reduce processing delays and take the manual burden off the finance and operations teams.

Solution: ARIA Cash Application reduces handling time

ARIA Cash Application connects multiple intelligent automation solutions to deliver an optimized, cohesive experience. Digital workers collect data and update systems where APIs are not available. Digital workers leverage OCR to extract payment data from images and scanned documents, quickly and accurately matching incoming payments to customer invoices.

The Smart Match technology was able to accommodate diverse customer profiles and transactions, accurately matching the incoming payments to open invoices. Customer business rules can easily be adjusted as business requirements change, ensuring the solution stays scalable. ARIA’s Orchestration layer provides KPI’s for each analysis, simplifies exception handling, and allows for audits of processed items when necessary.

This automation processed over $1B of AR transaction throughput annually and reduced manual processing time by 90%.